Friday, 21 December 2012

Farewell 2012, hello 2013

It is nearing the end of 2012 and I am very excited about Christmas.  However last Wednesday I had one of the most surreal days of my life.  I went for an internal scan, not for any particular reason.  I then forgot about it and got a message from the hospital saying I had to go to see them for an apointment.  Now having had a lot appointments and operations at the hospital I was totally freaked out. 

I went to the Hospital and it turned out there is something on my left ovary and they are taking it out.  All signs are so far good, i.e, had a blood test and scan and nothing is showing up.  However, they can't say for definite until they take it out.  Life is weird sometimes it throws you in a different direction to the one you thought you were going in.  On this weird day my Husband and I walked down to the Hospital canteen and there on the front page of the Swindon Advertiser was my face with the caption, "Good news at last!".  The irony is strange, let's hope it is a good omen.  My friend said to me "You are better than an episode of East Enders at the moment,". 

Monday night I crashed my car.  I have no idea how it happened.  I was driving in a straight line with nothing in front of me and then all of a sudden I am driving into a black car and a silver van?  I cannot explain it, did the other driver pull out into me, or did my tyre blow?  It really shakes you up and bought out a flood of emotion.  I am okay now, but there is definitely strange things a foot at the moment.

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a fabulous 2013!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just a little poem I wrote!

The big C, you won’t defeat me!
The gauntlet had been thrown.
You tried to shatter my home.
Positive attitude would drone.
Here I go into the unkown.
A journey into the stormy sea
Sailing solo just me
Hold tight and weather the storm
I hear you shout “Why me?” across the sea
But no answers are to be found, they have all drowned
In the beginning the mental chatter in my head would never cease.
This bloody Cancer what a beast
Silently you came
But defiantely I will reign
You can go back from where you came.
I know not why you came and life will never be the same
What a funny game
The answers come from within but you can’t find them at the beginning
Wife, Mother, Daughter, work colleague, and friend I am
Here I stand with all the strength in my hands
I command you to leave me be with my family.
I banish you from this land.
I am victorious and the remainder of my life will be glorious.
I will not live in fear because my life is dear
You have given me more strength inside
And I have now turned the tide
The experience was not all bad and none of this makes me sad
I won the battle and the sea is now calm
Time to steer in a different direction
You stripped me back to who I am
My inner core I now adore
No more turmoil to be had, inner peace is to be had.
Life is a journey you have to sail
Don’t let the big C derail
Good and bad shape who you are
Let your worries out along with the tide, ride the big waves, and bask in the sunshine.
It is now my time to shine.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Face book friend or foe?

I am not on face book and I have had a lot of stick from some people as I am not on it.  Some people who sadly live their lives through face book, look at me bemused that I am not on it. I can see it is a good thing to keep in touch with people, particularly family that does not live in the same area as you. 

Maybe I am being cynical but I see a lot of people using it to just show off and rub people's noses in it.  I think if you use it in that way you are storing up bad ju ju for yourself.  I have seen people whose relationships have dissolved, they then use it as a weapon to show others how they have moved on quickly and now post regular pictures of themselves with new partners.....nice!  I know Family's that have fallen out with each other over trivial stuff on face book.  If I had a £1 for everytime I have heard someone winging about someone taking them off their friends list, I would be a rich woman.  Face book is not for me and I am probably alone on this one, but I will be staying away from it for now!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nuissance telephone calls

I am want to thank the guy who stood up to nuissance telephone calls, by taking a persistent company to court and billing them with £10 per minute.  When I am at home during the day there is a constant stream of calls that are of no use to anybody.  If I want something I will go and get it.  I find them intrusive.  All I want to do is relax in my own home.   The telephone rings and when I go to get I am dissappointed to find it is someone asking for a person who does not live in the house anymore.  Most of the time when you speak to them they are rude to you.

It is about time someone stood up to these abhorrant companies that pester people in their own homes.  I am going to seek out his website and find out how I can stop these pesky people from calling me!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Wear it Pink - Friday October 26th

Hello Everyone,

It is Wear it Pink day on Friday 26th October.

Here are some ways you can raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer:-

Look book:

A selection of top retailers, including M&S, Avon, ghd, Coast, Warehouse,, Ciaté, adidas and many more, have launched a selection of exclusive pink products – all carrying a donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Check out the look book,

Other goodies are on BCAM shop:

I will be organising a collection at work for Breakthrough.

So next week, think pink!


Friday, 5 October 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I had a great opportunity to speak to my local paper on Wednesday about my experience with cancer.  I was over the moon with the article.  The great journalist Katie who came to my house to interview me, picked up on all the messages I wanted to send out to anyone who is going through it at the moment.  Thank you to Katie and the Swindon Advertiser.  If I can help someone who is going through it to see there is light at the end of the tunnel then I have done my job.

I really enjoy doing media work for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and see it as a priviledge to be asked to support such a great Charity.  The steps they are making through research is amazing but will only keep going through charitable donations.

On a more random note.  I bought a onesie (adult baby grow) and I was very excited about it.  It is white with a sort of pink pattern going through it.  By the way, most Men are onesie hatters, so I have learnt!  Women on the other hand love them.  Any way,  I stupidly put it in with a white's wash, and turned all my whites pink!  So I am doing really well for wear it pink this month!  However, not sure my son will think the same when he has to wear his white/pink polo shirts for school, whoops!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Macmillan coffee morning

On Friday I arranged to hold the Macmillan coffee morning.  All it took was one email, to ask people to bake.  The response was phenomenal, we sold lots of cakes and raised about £450. 

I really enjoyed selling the cakes.  It was a time to step away from desks get a piece of cake and a coffee.  It was a real event and was truly humbling that people took the time to bake for Macmillan.  Of course I bought a few cakes, scoffed the lot and then started to feel a bit nauseas.

Macmillan is a fabulous charity and I was glad to be part of a great event. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Where have I been?

Hello Everyone, in all honesty, I lost my blogging mojo.  I started to over analyse it, why am I doing it?  Does anyone read it?  I have decided I am going to start putting on the blog some of my novels and I want your feedback and comments. 

I am reading the obligatory book of the moment Shades of Grey.  I found book 1, good, slowly building up on the story,  book 2, was a little tedious.  My thought process was not again, seriously, is this Woman always ready for it?  I am now on the 3rd book and everyone has told me it is more about the story.  I must say it is not written particularly well but it is griping.  I find it fascinating that this triology has taken the world by storm and I am in aure of E L James and her success.  It is a great source of discussion, I have had many chats with other Women reading the book.  Mainly, in coffee houses.

Any way, off to read the next chapter.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer Time?????????

Ummm excuse me is n't this supposed to be Summer?  Well, we had about a week, which was about the time they announced the hose pipe ban.  As the self proficised draught was announced it has continually rained!  My lovely Summer wardrobe lies redundant at the bottom of my wardrobe.  I had boots on at the beginning of the week. 

Poor old Prince Phillip fell fowl of the dastardly weather.  Most of the floatilla looked like drowned rats.  Aparently the Royal Family could not even sit down on the chairs provided as they were soaking wet, bloody typical in this country.  Let's face it Wimbeldon starts next week so it probably won't get any better. 

I implore the weather Gods, please give us a great July and August, please please!  Everyone is getting fed up with this awful weather.  We need sunshine!  I want to wear my Summer dresses and flip flops.  When we had the good weather for that tiny snippet of Summer, I did maximise on the exposure of my Summer wardrobe and did at least two changes per day.  There is only rubbish on the TV as in the Summer we are supposed to be in our gardens or at parks enjoying the weather.  I am contemplating upgrading my TV package to add movies.  Depressingly enough next week is the longest sunlight day of the year on 21st June.  At this rate I might have to emmigrate somewhere.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Olympic Torch

Yesterday I watched the Olympic Torch go by.  Now the Olympics does not really excite me, but to be part of watching the torch go by was amazing.  The atmosphere was electric. The streets were lined with people waving flags.  The sun was shining down on us.  It was a great day.

I watched the local news last night and was really emotional about the whole thing.  There was something magical about watching the Torch Bearers running through the streets with crowds of people jeering, each with their own unique story as to why they had been nominated.  These are ordinary people have an extra ordinary moment.  A moment they will never forget.  One of my friends was a Torch Bearer.  I can only imagine the elation she must have felt doing it.  I can not wait to see her to find out how she felt.  I am not sure if all the other countries that have held the Olympic have done this, but it really is far reaching and makes you feel involved and part of a once in a life time experience. 

I shall be staying away from London during the games as it sounds like it is going to be chaotic.  I just hope the predictions that there will be 3 hour queue's to get onto the tubes are wrong.  It was exhausting standing out in the heat, but well worth it.  Aparently Didier Drogba was on one of the buses that went by with the parade.  Not knowing who he is, I would not of recognised him if he passed me in the street!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Hose Pipe ban!

Everytime the words hose pipe ban are said, it rains continously for weeks and weeks.  It has been contiously raining on and off now for about 6 weeks, right after they said those words.  It is an absolute joke.  Why do the Water companies not concerntrate on fixing the mahoussive leaks in the old pipes and stop giving their fat cats big bonuses.  Simply that will sort the problem out.  They are saying if we do not get sufficient rainfall this year we will be having stand pipes in the street next year.  What grates on me is that the water companies will still want to be paid every month for their poor service. 

This consistent rain is making everyone so tired and a little bit miserable.  I am fed up with it.  Someone pointed out the other day that it is only about a month until it is 21st June and then the daylight starts to get shorter!  We need a decent Summer, just a few months of sunshine.  I have been acting strangely and can not stop buying Summer dressess.  I know ludicrous, will I ever get to wear any of them.  Some people have said I have jinxed it.  I only bought 6!!!!!! 

Then there is some folk who said they feel it in their bones that we are going to have a good Summer.  As traditionally, April and May are good and then it rains in July and August.  I hope they are right.  I look at the lanterns you can have in your garden on a hot Summer's evening and think, absolutely no point in buying them.  Garden furniture is a complete waste of time.  If it continues like this there will be some good sales on!  But what is the point buying it, as it will only rot in the garden.

All together bring on the Summer, will it to us!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign

This Monday was the launch of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign. This year’s collection has taken on a patriotic British theme. We have some amazing British brands on board including M&S, Debenhams, Topshop, River Island and Laura Ashley. Each item carries a minimum 30% donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s life-saving work. By rallying together in style, buying the products and helping to raise vital funds we can make a difference to people affected by the disease.
There are lots of different elements to the campaign this year as detailed below.
Fashion Products
Here’s the link to this year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer lookbook which details all of the products in our collection this year and the details of where they can be brought.
FTBC launches on 30th April. It’s the UK’s biggest charity fashion campaign and helps to raise money for pioneering charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
FTBC 2012 has three trends –Rainbow Fields, Royal Affair and Postcard Promenade – channelling iconic British past times and letting women chose the way they wear their support.

My favourite in the look book is the red Coast dress, very Victoria Beckham!
So come on and get involved, I am off to the shops!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

London Marathon - Claire Squires

I watched the London Marathon on Sunday and I love all the stories about why people are running.  I find it very emotional as I ran in it 2006, so I can empathise with what they are going through.  It is a truly amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  After, it you feel humbled to have been a part of a wonderful event.

On Monday I heard on the news that Claire Squires collapsed just before the last mile.  She was 30 years old and we are awaiting for the reason it happened.  She was running for The Smaritians and at that point she had raised £500.  Since, everyone has learnt of her death her sponsorship is now around the £500,000 mark.  What a fabulous achievement, I am sure she will be smiling down at everyone who has sponsored her.  It must give her family great solace at a really difficult time.  Her family must be really proud of her and the amount that she has raised. 

It just goes to show that there are a lot of good people in the world who are supporting the family by sponsoring her. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


All week we have been plagued with documentaries about the Titanic.  As my Mother has been staying with me I have been subjected to watching most of them.  There is definitely a macarbe fascination with watching all the films.  The story line is the same, rich pompous people look down on the steerage passangers, and then it sinks.  It is a stark contrast to today's society, no risk assessment, no health and safety, just build a massive boat, stick the wrong bolts in it and it point it in the direction of some menacing ice bergs, oh and don't bother with life boats, no point as it is unsinkable.

What is fascinating is the way society has changed.  In those days it was very heirarchical and rigid.  A lot of you can't do this or that.  Thank God we are not like that anymore, today the lines between the classes is a lot less divided.  We all love the stories of people from humble beginnings doing well for themselves.  In those days if you have had done well for yourself your upbringing would have never been forgotten by the chattering classes.  Surely, life would have been really boring, talking to the same people about the same stuff, afterall, our individuality is what makes us interesting.

In the same week there was the documentary about the Costa Concordia that sunk on the Almafie coast.  It was scary watching it.  Most of the crew seemed bewildered with the events and the evacuation looked like utter chaos.  If the Titanic films are to be believed, at least they appeared to have the evacuation under control, just a shame they were in the middle of the Atlantic with not enough life boats.  I am surprised after watching the real footage that only 32 people died out of 4,000.  It was lucky that it happened so very near to the coast, if not it could have been a very different story.  Well, it has certainly put me off cruises for life!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fuel for thought!

I was stunned at the panic over fuel last week.  I tried to go to a well known supermarket and it was like a scene from CSI New York.  Queue's of cars, men in flourescent yellow jackets running around talking on their walkie talkies.  I turned around as soon as I could to get out of there.

I think people were being a tad silly.  There were lots of options you could do:

1 Stay put
2 Walk
3 Use a bike

I felt sorry for the people that did really need fuel, having to wait for hours.  This is a demonstration of how powerful the media is, the tanker drivers had not even definitely said they were going to strike at this stage.  The problem now is that due to the panic buying, we have given the tanker drivers even more power for their arguments as they know that they can cause absolute chaos.  I personally don't agree with them wanting a massive pay increase on their already large salary when the rest of the country is on it's knees.  So come on people let's act sensibly and think before we panic.  Most of us can manage a few days without your car.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring has sprung...bong!

Well, the weather in the UK this week has been nothing short of fabulous!  Getting through the dark months of January and February most of the time feels like an endurance test.  At the end of January the Winter seems never ending and you are longing for warmer weather.  I dusted down my Summer clothes and shoes and have worn them and it is not even April, amazing.  The only slight sticking point is that in the morning the temperature has been dropping down to around 3 degrees.  Therefore, I was posed with a dilemma do I dress for the morning or the 20 plus degree afternoons.  Yep, you guessed it I dressed for the 20 and in the mornings my legs without tights were freezing on the playground.  I braved it though and by lunchtime I was warm.

Alas, tomorrow is said to be the last day of warmth.  Who knows when it will be warm again, but at least, I have already worn a few Summer dresses and shoes.  The weather pattern seems to have changed in the UK, we normally get good weather in April and May, June, July and August it is rubbish again.  If we are lucky September and October are okay.  I have seen a few headlines in the papers already claiming that we are going to have a heat wave this Summer.  I have heard that for the past 5 years and I am still waiting.  I will believe it when I see it.  In the meantime, on warm days I will wear as many of my beloved Summer clothes. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dukan do it!

A few friends of mine have done the Dukan diet.  My Husband said that he wanted to lose weight, yes, you guessed it, I put him on it and said I would do it with him.  The diet is to say the least very limiting but boy does it work fast.  Within a few days you can visibly see the difference, however, it does feel like you are going through torture.  Basically, all you can eat in the attack phase is lean meat or fish, eggs, fromage frais and cottage cheese (that is about it).  For the first few days I was starving hungry, but I perservered, after all, no pain no gain!

I never weighed myself in the beginning and I am now in week 3, but I can see a huge difference.  My Husband has lost about a stone and is much happier for it.  The strange thing it does is makes ordinary food you used to eat a treat, for example, a jacket potatoe.  It kind of retrains your brain as to what you eat and you realise being hungry is doable and won't harm you.  I am now following a low carb diet as we do eat too many carbs and don't get to burn them off.  In the beginning it was hard but it gets easier, at first you have to crack your sugar addiction.  I was slipping into eating a little bit of chocolate everday, but I have beaten it and I now don't even want any. 

So the message in my tale is Du know Dukan do it!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Mother's day - Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Make this Mother’s Day Matter and help in the fight against Breast Cancer

This March, Breakthrough Breast Cancer is urging to people to get behind their new campaign to  raise funds and Make Mother’s Day Matter.

It couldn’t be easier to spoil your Mum whilst also lending your support to this pioneering charity.  Just visit and for a suggested donation download one of ten unique and stylish vouchers designed to make your Mum feel extra special. 

Each voucher, which can be personalised and printed, represents a promise from you to your Mum, and these range from making her breakfast in bed, to doing 3 hours of gardening, to cleaning her car, to giving her some peace and quiet.  As well as promising to treat your Mum to something special this Mothering Sunday, by making the suggested donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer of the equivalent value of the voucher you will be  helping keep families affected by this terrible disease together for longer.

Breast cancer is a disease which devastates nearly 48,000 women and their families every year. By making a donation to the campaign  you will be helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s life saving research work and moving them closer to  their vision of a future free from the fear of breast cancer.

As a thank you for your support, when taking part and downloading a Mother’s Day voucher, you will automatically be entered into a competition for a chance to win an amazing spa treatment for 2 people at The Chancery Court Hotel, so you can treat your Mum twice over.

Helen Aithie, Product Development Fundraiser from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:
“We really hope that this Mother’s Day people get behind our campaign and help to make it matter.  By downloading a voucher and donating a small amount, not only are you giving your Mum an extra special treat, but you are also helping Breakthrough to save lives, so that more Mums can be around for many more Mother’s Days to come. I urge everyone to visit our site and get downloading, so we can Make this Mother’s Day really Matter.”

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Me on you tube! Breast Cancer Awareness - Breakthrough

Hello Everyone,

Here is my video on you tube for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It is very strange seeing yourself on video, at first I could not watch it!  I hope you enjoy!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baking fever is taking over!

Everyone seems to be going a little bit bonkers for baking at the moment.  That includes me!  There is a sea of TV shows all dedicated to dare I say it "Baking".  Let's face it everyone loves a nice bit of cake or a cheeky muffin. 

I baked a lemon sponge cake with double whipped cream and lemon curd in the middle.  I took it into work and gave my work colleagues a piece.  One person said it was the best cake they had ever tasted.  I have made that cake twice before and they do take a little bit of perfecting, but they are so simple to make.  I felt really humbled at the response I got.  However, I was a bit nervous when I sliced into it, what if it is not cooked in the middle?  That is the thing with cakes you never know until you have to slice it up.  I must admit it did look really quite magnificent.  I tasted a bit and it was good.  Was being the operative word as it was gone in a flash.  When good cake is in the building the word spreads fast!

I am new to this baking lark and I have not got much experience.  A few years ago I would have never even had the inclination to do it.  I think it was when I realised my Daughter enjoyed doing it with me things seemed to click into place.  My Husband loves my cake too, it is definitely the way to a man's heart.  There is something theraputic about doing it.   To me it is another way of spreading the joy and I felt very humbled to get good feedback, plus I knew they were not lying as I tasted it!

Move over Mary Berry there is a new chick in Town!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Husband has got a new bird!

My Husband has got a new bird, she is about 7cm long and called a pacific parotlette!  I am not good with animals mainly because I am allergic to most of them.  I am very allergic to dogs and extremely allergic to horses.  When my Daughter comes back from a riding lesson I cannot even go near her clothes without getting an itchy throat and sneezing.

The shame of it is that my Husband loves dogs and we did have a dog called Marmite until baby number two came along.  He was bought up with always having a dog.  With having two young children and my Husband commuting we could not give her the quality time she needed.  We gave her away to friends of ours and I still love her, however, me living with a dog made me asthmatic.  It is horrible not being able to breath in your own home, I was constantly weezing and having to use inhalers.  In the end it broke my Husband's heart to give her away. 

I was unsure about having a bird in the house and feared I would be allergic but so far it is okay.  She is cute.  On the first day she came to our house she looked petrified, she hardly moved.  I felt sorry for her.  Slowly she is getting used to us.  I just hope I don't do something stupid like leave a door or a window open when she is out of her cage!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Whitney Houston RIP

It was very sad that Whitney Houston died at the weekend, however, I cannot get over the fact that she was a drug addict.  I remember dancing to her hits back in the day, but for me unfortunately her erratic behaviour and drug addiction in her later years is what I will remember her for.  I feel desperately sorry for her Daughter, she must have witnessed some horrid scenes at the demise of her Mother, that must have been incredibly painful.

What I do not understand is why someone with the world at her feet goes down the drugs route.  It appears that when you get to mega stardom and have lots of money to spend, you make the stupid decision to spend it on drugs!  Obviously, over the past year she is not the only one who has gone down this route, too add to the list is Amy Winehouse and the great Michael Jackson.

Is it the fact that when you get to that level of fame, your friends and family sell you out and you are left with friends that are on your payroll.  Possibly, they cannot cope with that level of scrutiny and feel they live under a microscope.  It is not like they can lead a normal life style.  Does this make them feel the only route they have is to take drugs?  Having personally had to fight for my life through Cancer I find it tough to get my head around why you would do this to yourself.

The Hollywood bubble seems to have moved on that instead of doing illegal drugs they go to their Doctor's and get prescription drugs.  I wonder whether we will see another Doctor on trial for providing Whitney with drugs.  Everyone, is now quick to honour her and her amazing voice.  Yes, she did have a world class voice, but tragicially in her later life it bought her a life style of unhappiness.  There are too many kids these days who want to be famous most of the time for not doing very much, so take note of what happens to these stars, does it truly bring them happiness?  The simple fact is that the body cannot take drugs illegal or legal (including alcohol) for a long sustained period of time.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family, particularly with her Daughter.  I wish her strength and hope she has a strong family behind her to help her through.

Friday, 10 February 2012

My car and garages trying it on!

My car went in for an MOT on Wednesday and I used a local garage I have been using for years.  They called me to give the good news that I needed 3 x new tyres, an exhaust, and some back end thingy.  You can imagine my delight when they told me it would cost £575!  I was absolutely mortified.  Okay so it is not a new car, it is about 6 years old, so you would expect it needing a little bit of work.  I spoke to a friend of mine whose partner owns an MOT garage and she said she had spoken to him and he said sounds like they are ripping you off.  That night I had a fretful nights sleep and I decided I was going to ring them to get the price reduced.  I made 2 or 3 phone calls to them and got the price down to £430, okay not great but marginally better.  I saved myself £140 for making a few phone calls.

Everyone, is finding it hard at the moment no pay rises and the cost of living going up.  £430 for me in a month is my entire family budget.  Luckily, my Husband has a good job so it is not too much of an issue.  My question is how many people are these businesses ripping off.  My Husband accepted the original £575 without question and if I had not intervened he would have paid it.  No doubt there are many people who do that. 

In the last 6 months this must be my 3rd or 4th debacle with these circumstances, I have saved myself hundreds of pounds, my best was with a certain utility company trying to charge me an extra £369.  Companies seem to have lost their morale compass.  I implore anyone out there who gets a bill, don't just pay it, give them a call, it could save you a lot of money.  After all it pays to complain, and don't renew insurances go on the u-switch websites and shop around.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pink Ribbon Bingo - Breakthrough Breast Cancer


As an avid supporter of Break Through Breast Cancer, I am supporting their launch of Pink Ribbon Bingo,  This amazing Charity is raising funds for their research into Breast Cancer to beat this disease, tell your friends work colleagues, or anyone who will listen.  Even if you have one go, you are raising money for the prevention of Breast Cancer, and of course there is the added bonus that you may win!  So go on have a go.

Do it, do it, let me know if you win!  You know I love a good story.

Tracey X

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The big issue

I cannot believe that an immigrant big issue seller (magazine for the homeless) has successfully claimed that it was a job and can now claim £25,000 per year.  No wonder our economy is shrinking with Courts making stupid decisions like this.

The news said today that most family households are at bursting point with the economy the way it is.  Why does someone who has never lived in this country or never paid a penny towards it able to claim benefits.  I get nothing from the government and have always worked.  I sometimes wonder why, it seems you are better of living off the state.  Of course I don't want to see someone homeless, but is n't this going to open the flood gates to more immigrants coming in, selling the Big Issue and then claiming benefits.  Who are the people paying for this, people like me, who are struggling to make ends meet.  I don't get the logic, how does some European Court make such a ludicrous ruling?  How is this justice to the remainder of the tax payer's in the country. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Premiership footballers...........yuk!

Six Footballers were arrested today for a sexual assult on a Woman.  I am sick and tired of all these sleezy stories.  Now maybe I am tarring them all with the same brush, but they don't seem to have any morales.  Look at Ryan Giggs, how could he cheat with his Brother's Wife?  Ryan's Wife takes him back!  Okay they have kids together, so they are trying to make it work, but let's face it there are a long line of WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) that let their other halves get away with it.  Some of them have even been stupid enough to sleep with prostitutes.  One of them has sold their soul.  The WAG is possibly more interested in the money and the status or the Footballer thinks he is God and can do what he wants.  These Women are pathetic, they let their partners publically humilliate them time and time again. 

Surely, they cannot be happy with their lives.  They evidently have something lacking in their relationship or themselves to go looking for it elsewhere, they know the risk they run if they get caught, but obviously don't care.  The girls they sleep with are usually fame wannabe's, and will sell their stories and a few pictures of themselves in their underware.  It goes to show that all the glitz and glamour can bring you misery.   I don't understand why they get paid so much for what they do.  It seems to breed an abhorant culture, where they have little respect for Women and think they can do what they like.  I hope when they get up to those pearly white gates they are judged harshly for their misdemeanours and in the next come back as a snake! (As you can tell I am not a football fan!)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Modern new builds!

I went for my Wednesday morning run today and I ran past some newly erected flats at the end of my road.  They are a ghastly isore.  Why do Councils let these property developers put in these horrible small estates.  The roads are really narrow and everything is squashed together so they can make maximum profit. 

If you look back to 1930's they used to build such beautiful buildings with archetetual merit.  I looked online and saw where I live there used to be a gorgeous train station and you can tell it was built with pride not how to make a quick buck!  On the Lawn which is a conservation area with lakes and lots of greenery, there used to be a wealthy family who lived there called the Goddards.  They had a magnificent house on extensive grounds.  That house is nowhere to be seen now.  During the war it was used as a refuge for soldiers and it fell into disrepair that it had to be knocked down.  Obviously too difficult to conserve it. 

When you see area's with lovely old buildings in and then a 1970's monstrosity slapped in the middle of it, you do wonder what earth they were thinking.  We used to build wonderful buildings now all we do is stick up cheap red brick houses.  Property developers and Councils should take more pride and look at the long-term view and not short-term gain.  We know all the new build houses look okay when they are shiny and new, give them a few years and they will look haggered and old.  If more care were taken on building new estates it would regenerate areas.  I think it is tragic!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January - diets - how predictable!

You can tell it is January, everyone is going on about diets.  Tonight there is an aptly named programme on called Fat Fighters.  Every advert on the TV is about a diet.  In the news today it was talking about we are all deluded and think we are not as fat as we think.  Maybe we are deluded, what is wrong with being a little bit deluded. 

At work today we were all trying to fight the attack of the nibbles!  Over Christmas we all indulge and buy that naughty food and eat it.  Afterall, that is one of the wonderful things about Christmas, lots of yummy food.  It is wonderful indulging, having a simple cheese and pickle sandwich with a few crisps on the side, bliss.  All the chocolates, crisps and biscuits left over, calling you to eat them.  Every year we try not to buy too much but somehow always fail.  Fighting to stop eating all the nibbles is hard, you know they are bad for you and that they are in your cupboard.  As you have been having a higher intake of calories your body is craving that sugar fix.  Breaking that addiction will be tough.  It does not help that the weather, force whatever gails and rain, was bloody awful today, not the most condusive to eating a salad.

Well I wish everyone good luck with eating healthy foods, however, I don't think we should put too much pressure on ourselves just because it is January.  Finish off your nibbles and then start cutting back slowly.  I think everyone tries to do too much too soon!