Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Whitney Houston RIP

It was very sad that Whitney Houston died at the weekend, however, I cannot get over the fact that she was a drug addict.  I remember dancing to her hits back in the day, but for me unfortunately her erratic behaviour and drug addiction in her later years is what I will remember her for.  I feel desperately sorry for her Daughter, she must have witnessed some horrid scenes at the demise of her Mother, that must have been incredibly painful.

What I do not understand is why someone with the world at her feet goes down the drugs route.  It appears that when you get to mega stardom and have lots of money to spend, you make the stupid decision to spend it on drugs!  Obviously, over the past year she is not the only one who has gone down this route, too add to the list is Amy Winehouse and the great Michael Jackson.

Is it the fact that when you get to that level of fame, your friends and family sell you out and you are left with friends that are on your payroll.  Possibly, they cannot cope with that level of scrutiny and feel they live under a microscope.  It is not like they can lead a normal life style.  Does this make them feel the only route they have is to take drugs?  Having personally had to fight for my life through Cancer I find it tough to get my head around why you would do this to yourself.

The Hollywood bubble seems to have moved on that instead of doing illegal drugs they go to their Doctor's and get prescription drugs.  I wonder whether we will see another Doctor on trial for providing Whitney with drugs.  Everyone, is now quick to honour her and her amazing voice.  Yes, she did have a world class voice, but tragicially in her later life it bought her a life style of unhappiness.  There are too many kids these days who want to be famous most of the time for not doing very much, so take note of what happens to these stars, does it truly bring them happiness?  The simple fact is that the body cannot take drugs illegal or legal (including alcohol) for a long sustained period of time.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family, particularly with her Daughter.  I wish her strength and hope she has a strong family behind her to help her through.

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