Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sod the Easter eggs...have an ice cream instead!

Wow what pheneomenel weather we had over Easter.  I was wearing my shorts and flip flops it was like being in Ibiza but without the sea, a swimming pool, and no Sangria.  Not that I am complaining, loving the heat and the sunshine, about bloody time after the freezing Winter we had.  I bought a paddling pool for the kids and spent all day in the garden, absolutely fabulous.

However, what does annoy me is we have 2 days of good weather and the news has to report that if it continues there will be a water shortage or hose pipe ban.  For crying out loud, give us a break.  Are we not allowed in this Country to have some good weather without the media bleating on about the environment or how some farmer's crops need a water!  Lets face it next week it will probably be teaming it down with rain, lets not panic just yet!  We should enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts.  I have noticed a pattern that in this country it tends to be nice in May and June, July and August the weather is usually crap!  Well I am going to enjoy it and not worry about something may be never happening!

Another, note on the weather, why do they make statements like, "It is going to snow,".  You listen onto the rest of the report and find out it will snow in Scotland in the outer hebridies, where lets face it a few sheep live!  This Country is so sensationalist about the weather.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gona ride my bike until I get home!

This week as I did not have to do the school run, I got on bike and cycled to work.  It is an 8 mile ride, therefore a 16 mile round trip.  The fantastic thing was that there is a path so I do not even touch a road.  I have been absolutely loving not getting into my car and have bored the pants off most of my work colleagues this week blabbering on about how great it is.

There are so many benefits, of course great exercise, no petrol to pay for and all of the endorphins that have made me feel great this week.  I am not sure if it is the endorphins or the smugness that comes along with it.  The great thing is that it only takes me 5 minutes longer than in the car, no traffic queues, or fighting for a parking space when I get to work and even worse ending up in the overflow car park and having to walk miles to get to the office (It is not miles but feels like it).

It is a pity I can not do it more often.  I am going to try and do it on Friday as I have more flexibility to do it with my Son going in earlier to Nursery.  I love my bike it has given me a new lease of life and renewed a bit of vigour with my job.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Katie Piper we love you!

I watched the final episode last night of Katie Piper and her beautiful friends.  I remember watching her harrowing story of when she had acid thrown in her face by one of her x boyfriends friends.  She has gone through absolute agony, mental torment and countless operations to enable her to look better.  Her beauty still shines through and she is truly beautiful on the inside and out.  She is an inspiration to anyone who has been through adversity.

As I myself have been operated on I found her inspirational and my little niggles pale into insignificance compared to the battles she has had to go through.  Her series has been thought provoking.  I saw a disfigured woman walking in the street and I viewed her differently.  Katie's programme has educated people to think differently about how that person feels when they walk out the door and the challenges they have had to face on a daily basis.

Thank you Katie for opening my eyes from ignorance and enlightening me to view disfigurement differently.  If I ever met you in the street I would shake your hand.  You are an inspiration.  I know you will go on to do great things in your life and I hope what happened to you does not hold you back from doing anything you want to in the future.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Get your flip flops out!

This week (apart from Wednesday but we won't mention that) the weather has been fantastic.  I am seizing the day as you never know how long it will last.  This week I got my Summer Wardrobe down from the loft.  It is funny as I had not seen it for 6 months it was delightful to see my dresses.  I am a total Summer babe.  I love it, the dresses, the shorts, the sunglasses, not having to bother with a coat.  I even purchased a cheeky pair of shorts to celebrate...not cheeky as in bum cheek, I am too old for that. 

I will have to start my Summer rituals of painting my toe nails, shaving my legs and slapping the fake tan on.  I have worked hard on getting my Summer wardrobe just right. 

You know when you are an old fart when you delight in putting your washing out to dry on the line!  I love it when you can wash your sheets put them on the line and put them back on before you go to bed.  I know sad but true!  I can't imagine twenty somethings getting a kick out of doing that.  One thing I don't understand is I have neighbours who put their washing out when it is cold!  What is the point in that, surely they will have to dry it when they go and fetch it back in again????  There must be an optimum temperature for getting your washing dry outside.  Now I think it must about the 15 degree number, obviously depending on if it is windy as well.  If anyone is a sad old fart like me and has any idea's on the optimum temperature do let me know!

I now have to go and get my washing in!  I hope it is dry?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tipped over the edge!

I am now fatigued by having an extension.  It is like the last few miles of a journey, you can see the end but still have a way to go.  It is all starting to come together nicely, okay so we are in a mess most of the time but it I can cope with it........until my fridge freezer broke!  Why is it that theses things happen at the most inconvenient time.  We have had our fridge freezer for 10 years and moved it a few times.  The little capability I had for preparing food is now gone and it has sent me over the edge.  It is really annoying, why now?  The plasterers are coming in next week, no point in buying a new one has it will get filthy.  Also, we are bit strapped for cash with the expenditure of the extension, bloody great.

My Mother-in-law has got a fridge in her garage and is going to test it to see if it still works, may be next week I might be able to keep things cool again.  In the middle of the week I was really irritated by the whole fridge freezer thing.  Everything, that was in it was going mouldy quickly.  Cheese is going off in it quickly.  The freezer defrosted itself and I had to bin it all.  Therefore, microwaveable meals are out the window.  I rang up a chirpy refridgeration engineer, who said his call out charge is £30 for half an hour plus parts.  It is not worth getting him out I would rather buy a second hand fridge.  If it is not a quick fix I would end up paying more than a second hand fridge.  When I get my all singing and dancing new one I can shove it in the garage and it would be great for barbeques.

I hope to have something sorted by the end of this week.  In the meantime I am calling on favours from friends for feeding the kids and eating out.