Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January - diets - how predictable!

You can tell it is January, everyone is going on about diets.  Tonight there is an aptly named programme on called Fat Fighters.  Every advert on the TV is about a diet.  In the news today it was talking about we are all deluded and think we are not as fat as we think.  Maybe we are deluded, what is wrong with being a little bit deluded. 

At work today we were all trying to fight the attack of the nibbles!  Over Christmas we all indulge and buy that naughty food and eat it.  Afterall, that is one of the wonderful things about Christmas, lots of yummy food.  It is wonderful indulging, having a simple cheese and pickle sandwich with a few crisps on the side, bliss.  All the chocolates, crisps and biscuits left over, calling you to eat them.  Every year we try not to buy too much but somehow always fail.  Fighting to stop eating all the nibbles is hard, you know they are bad for you and that they are in your cupboard.  As you have been having a higher intake of calories your body is craving that sugar fix.  Breaking that addiction will be tough.  It does not help that the weather, force whatever gails and rain, was bloody awful today, not the most condusive to eating a salad.

Well I wish everyone good luck with eating healthy foods, however, I don't think we should put too much pressure on ourselves just because it is January.  Finish off your nibbles and then start cutting back slowly.  I think everyone tries to do too much too soon!

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