Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just a little poem I wrote!

The big C, you won’t defeat me!
The gauntlet had been thrown.
You tried to shatter my home.
Positive attitude would drone.
Here I go into the unkown.
A journey into the stormy sea
Sailing solo just me
Hold tight and weather the storm
I hear you shout “Why me?” across the sea
But no answers are to be found, they have all drowned
In the beginning the mental chatter in my head would never cease.
This bloody Cancer what a beast
Silently you came
But defiantely I will reign
You can go back from where you came.
I know not why you came and life will never be the same
What a funny game
The answers come from within but you can’t find them at the beginning
Wife, Mother, Daughter, work colleague, and friend I am
Here I stand with all the strength in my hands
I command you to leave me be with my family.
I banish you from this land.
I am victorious and the remainder of my life will be glorious.
I will not live in fear because my life is dear
You have given me more strength inside
And I have now turned the tide
The experience was not all bad and none of this makes me sad
I won the battle and the sea is now calm
Time to steer in a different direction
You stripped me back to who I am
My inner core I now adore
No more turmoil to be had, inner peace is to be had.
Life is a journey you have to sail
Don’t let the big C derail
Good and bad shape who you are
Let your worries out along with the tide, ride the big waves, and bask in the sunshine.
It is now my time to shine.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, its a fantastic poem. I just popped across from Brtimums to say Hi x