Thursday, 9 August 2012

Where have I been?

Hello Everyone, in all honesty, I lost my blogging mojo.  I started to over analyse it, why am I doing it?  Does anyone read it?  I have decided I am going to start putting on the blog some of my novels and I want your feedback and comments. 

I am reading the obligatory book of the moment Shades of Grey.  I found book 1, good, slowly building up on the story,  book 2, was a little tedious.  My thought process was not again, seriously, is this Woman always ready for it?  I am now on the 3rd book and everyone has told me it is more about the story.  I must say it is not written particularly well but it is griping.  I find it fascinating that this triology has taken the world by storm and I am in aure of E L James and her success.  It is a great source of discussion, I have had many chats with other Women reading the book.  Mainly, in coffee houses.

Any way, off to read the next chapter.

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