Saturday, 22 January 2011

Thread worms.....Ewe!

Last night my Daughter who is 6 years old kept getting up in the night which is unusual for her and then she said my bottom is itchy.  My Husband new immediately it was thread worms.  We checked her feaces and there were two of them wriggling around.  It is distigusting.....yuk.

I went on the internet to read about the delights of threadworms.  Mainly spread by Children not washing their hands after they have been to the toilet.  My Daughter has never been great at it.  I would always ask her, "Have you washed your hands,", she would say, "yes,", and I would reply, "Let me smell them,", she then would retort back up the stairs to wash them as she new I would not smell the soap.  The problem is you can not do that when they are at school.  I am hoping this is a turning point as she has been distressed about it.  This morning she wanted to get into our bed and we said, "No,". 

Luckily my son is not showing any symptoms.  This morning as soon as it got to 9.00 am I got my joggers on and stomped up the road to the local Chemist.  We have all now had the medicine.  I am now straining the national grid with the electricity I am using on my cleaning frenzy.  I have been washing everything, sheets, towels, dressing gowans.  Hoovering under the bed and have just finished hoovering all of our matresses!  My hands are getting dry from the constant washing.

This weekend I will be mainly washing and going to the shops to buy more washing liquid.  It is a shame it did not happen in the Summer as I then could have dried it all on the line.  Last night I was sat in my lounge watching relocation relocation and all I could think about was my mind playing tricks on me that my bum was itching!  My Husband thought his was!  It makes you feel horrible, there is this little parasite in my little girl and possibly the rest of the family.  I texted three friends to let them know who she had seen in the week and will let the School know on Monday.  It is funny for a moment I did feel ashamed and did not want to tell anyone.  I hope my Daughter has learnt her lesson.

Best go now and do the dusting and more washing!  Yuk yuk.  How ironic as I went to press publish there was a google ad for a parasite buster for your home!


  1. A mothers work is never done is it? Don't worry, its so common for children to get threadworms even when they do try and wash their hands. Sort of similar to picking up nits from each other...we would have to abolish schools to get rid of them both entirely I think!

  2. That is not a bad idea, no hang on a minute then they would be around all day and drive you crackers. It is not healthy to spend that amount ot time with anyone.

    Thanks for your comment.