Friday, 19 October 2012

Wear it Pink - Friday October 26th

Hello Everyone,

It is Wear it Pink day on Friday 26th October.

Here are some ways you can raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer:-

Look book:

A selection of top retailers, including M&S, Avon, ghd, Coast, Warehouse,, Ciaté, adidas and many more, have launched a selection of exclusive pink products – all carrying a donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Check out the look book,

Other goodies are on BCAM shop:

I will be organising a collection at work for Breakthrough.

So next week, think pink!


Friday, 5 October 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I had a great opportunity to speak to my local paper on Wednesday about my experience with cancer.  I was over the moon with the article.  The great journalist Katie who came to my house to interview me, picked up on all the messages I wanted to send out to anyone who is going through it at the moment.  Thank you to Katie and the Swindon Advertiser.  If I can help someone who is going through it to see there is light at the end of the tunnel then I have done my job.

I really enjoy doing media work for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and see it as a priviledge to be asked to support such a great Charity.  The steps they are making through research is amazing but will only keep going through charitable donations.

On a more random note.  I bought a onesie (adult baby grow) and I was very excited about it.  It is white with a sort of pink pattern going through it.  By the way, most Men are onesie hatters, so I have learnt!  Women on the other hand love them.  Any way,  I stupidly put it in with a white's wash, and turned all my whites pink!  So I am doing really well for wear it pink this month!  However, not sure my son will think the same when he has to wear his white/pink polo shirts for school, whoops!