Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Husband has got a new bird!

My Husband has got a new bird, she is about 7cm long and called a pacific parotlette!  I am not good with animals mainly because I am allergic to most of them.  I am very allergic to dogs and extremely allergic to horses.  When my Daughter comes back from a riding lesson I cannot even go near her clothes without getting an itchy throat and sneezing.

The shame of it is that my Husband loves dogs and we did have a dog called Marmite until baby number two came along.  He was bought up with always having a dog.  With having two young children and my Husband commuting we could not give her the quality time she needed.  We gave her away to friends of ours and I still love her, however, me living with a dog made me asthmatic.  It is horrible not being able to breath in your own home, I was constantly weezing and having to use inhalers.  In the end it broke my Husband's heart to give her away. 

I was unsure about having a bird in the house and feared I would be allergic but so far it is okay.  She is cute.  On the first day she came to our house she looked petrified, she hardly moved.  I felt sorry for her.  Slowly she is getting used to us.  I just hope I don't do something stupid like leave a door or a window open when she is out of her cage!

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