Thursday, 19 January 2012

Premiership footballers...........yuk!

Six Footballers were arrested today for a sexual assult on a Woman.  I am sick and tired of all these sleezy stories.  Now maybe I am tarring them all with the same brush, but they don't seem to have any morales.  Look at Ryan Giggs, how could he cheat with his Brother's Wife?  Ryan's Wife takes him back!  Okay they have kids together, so they are trying to make it work, but let's face it there are a long line of WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) that let their other halves get away with it.  Some of them have even been stupid enough to sleep with prostitutes.  One of them has sold their soul.  The WAG is possibly more interested in the money and the status or the Footballer thinks he is God and can do what he wants.  These Women are pathetic, they let their partners publically humilliate them time and time again. 

Surely, they cannot be happy with their lives.  They evidently have something lacking in their relationship or themselves to go looking for it elsewhere, they know the risk they run if they get caught, but obviously don't care.  The girls they sleep with are usually fame wannabe's, and will sell their stories and a few pictures of themselves in their underware.  It goes to show that all the glitz and glamour can bring you misery.   I don't understand why they get paid so much for what they do.  It seems to breed an abhorant culture, where they have little respect for Women and think they can do what they like.  I hope when they get up to those pearly white gates they are judged harshly for their misdemeanours and in the next come back as a snake! (As you can tell I am not a football fan!)

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