Friday, 4 February 2011

Breast Cancer is on the rise!

I was outraged today at so called Doctors saying Breast Cancer is now 1 in 8 ladies, and the reason they have come up with is lifestyle.  What a load of rubbish, there is no substance to this what so ever it is an assumption.  Lets face it, they still have no idea what causes it, therefore to blame it on lifestyle is ludicrous.

I have always had a fairly healthy diet, never been over a size 12, never smoked, drank in my twenties but gave up in my thirties and have always exercised.  What would they have proposed that I do differently?  I ran the London Marathon in 2006, may be I should have done another one and then it would not have happened?  There is no history of it in my family.  I am a complete random.

What dissapoints me is the medical industries way of dealing with it is to cut it out and throw aload of drugs at it.  Through my experience and with the help of my reflexologist my belief is that Cancer is related emotional links of cells in the body.  I feel that it happened to me for a reason and it was about rediscovering myself.  It is a hard one to go through but I am now mentally stronger and have a completely different perspective on certain aspects of life.  For instance I would have never got into writing or become a blogger.  Everything in life is about your own perspective on things.


  1. Totally agree with you!
    My Fiancé is battling cancer at the moment. Before his diagnosis he has never been to the doctor before, never had as much as a cold, was fit and active, never smoked and hardly drank so why him? There is no way its linked to lifestyle!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Blaming lifestyle is a complete cop-out because it covers virtually everything, and even those with healthy lifestyles still succumb.

    Do you think that it is just that the detection rate is better? I heard a programme on Radio 4 which said that many people have cancer, but can live a healthy life without it ever being diagnosed.

  3. Anne,
    I had not thought of that, I totally think you are right. Part of Cancer is your mental battle. I have heard of people having lumps for years and then being told it is the big C and the next week there are gone. I don't get out much I must say, but I sometimes pass through Oxford.

  4. Ally,
    Be kind to yourself, you are getting dragged on the journey too. I found reflexology helped me a lot. I viewed it as a change in my life. The mental journey you go on is underestimated.
    Take care