Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Modern new builds!

I went for my Wednesday morning run today and I ran past some newly erected flats at the end of my road.  They are a ghastly isore.  Why do Councils let these property developers put in these horrible small estates.  The roads are really narrow and everything is squashed together so they can make maximum profit. 

If you look back to 1930's they used to build such beautiful buildings with archetetual merit.  I looked online and saw where I live there used to be a gorgeous train station and you can tell it was built with pride not how to make a quick buck!  On the Lawn which is a conservation area with lakes and lots of greenery, there used to be a wealthy family who lived there called the Goddards.  They had a magnificent house on extensive grounds.  That house is nowhere to be seen now.  During the war it was used as a refuge for soldiers and it fell into disrepair that it had to be knocked down.  Obviously too difficult to conserve it. 

When you see area's with lovely old buildings in and then a 1970's monstrosity slapped in the middle of it, you do wonder what earth they were thinking.  We used to build wonderful buildings now all we do is stick up cheap red brick houses.  Property developers and Councils should take more pride and look at the long-term view and not short-term gain.  We know all the new build houses look okay when they are shiny and new, give them a few years and they will look haggered and old.  If more care were taken on building new estates it would regenerate areas.  I think it is tragic!

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