Saturday, 13 August 2011

London's burning!

This week's news has been crazy. Watching the news every morning to see if there was anymore riots over night.  It was basically a load of young kids having a free for all and thinking there was no consequences to their actions.  I saw a few peopled interviewed from various backgrounds saying that there are no consequences for them and the prisons are full.  It was like saying come on you can get away with it.  What disgusts me the most is that these youngsters destroyed their own areas.  Lets face it Comet are not going to put another shop in their area.

It has been pleasing to see that the culprits are now being named and shamed.  I read in one paper today that one person has been evicted from their council flat.  Haha, so there are consequences to their actions.  So they should be evicted, why should the tax payers pay twice for their indiscretions.

I saw one young white girl being interviewed and banging on about respect.  She was talking in this weird clipped afro-caribean accent which I am sure she thinks is really street.  Those youngsters have no clue as to what respect is.  If they think respect is going in and ransacking shops and nicking goods, then they are deluded.

I do think the government is taking really good measures in making sure this does not happen again.  It is time we played hard ball and stop playing this nannying state that lets people get away with anything they want.  Whilst usually spouting out the "It's against my human rights.".  It seems these days you can get away with a lot by simply saying that.  Who made up that bollocks about Human Rights.  As usual this country has taken it to the wrong end of the spectrum!   It is used all to often as the get out jail free card!

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