Sunday, 26 June 2011

Spread the joy!

Yesterday I took part in the Old Town festival with my Daughter.  We walked around the streets and danced to Shakira's Wacka Wacka song, whilst dressed in bright colours and Hawian skirts.  There was a real carnival atmosphere.  Crowds had gathered to watch the parade.  We did it last year and won and we did again this year!  It was fantastic, I enjoyed every second of it.  I felt like I was spreading joy.  No-one should ever take themselves too seriously, dressing up like an idiot and dancing around the street, makes people smile.

Doing something like this gives you a real sense of community, it was brilliant.  My Daughter was so excited she was up at the crack of dawn and in her outfit, and then kept asking me, "When are we going Mum?".  It was great for Mother Daughter bonding.  I loved getting involved in it and look forward to doing it next year.

It looks like today I can wear one of my Summer outfits!  Thank goodness for that, my Summer wardrobe thinks it has been made redundant....come on sunshine we need a few weeks of warmth and sun!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Brand new customers only!

I am a member of the AA and have been for 7 years.  This week they really annoyed me.  They sent through a statement to say they were going to take £178 off me for the year, 2 days before they were going to do it!  I nearly fell off my chair at work when I saw how much it was. 

I immediately went online and googled the RAC who were offering £69 without home start.  I rang the AA and said, "You are having a laugh if you think I am paying that,".  They then gave me some old blarney about on their website I can discounts for various concerts, tyres, etc.  I then said, "All I really want you to do is fix my car if it breaks down,".  I am not interested in some website with discounts, that A) I never knew about anyway, B) I would never use it, C) Never heard so much rubbish.  I then said, "I am walking unless you do something.".  The guy said straight away we'll do it for £70!

I am flabbergasted they do this, where is their customer loyalty?  I have come to the conclusion they are not interested in how long you have been a customer and more interested in bumping up their prices and hoping you won't notice so they get more money!  I am sure there are loads of people paying more than they should without knowing.  From now on I am going to check everything carefully.  I saved myself £107 for a few minutes on a phone call.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Operation bingo wings ahoy!

As I am getting older my arms have got really flabby.  I find some short sleeve tops are tight across the top of my arms.  When I wave my arms I have this wobbly bit doing it's own thing underneath.  I decided to start operation bingo wings.  I went to Tescos and bought some weights.  I could hardly lift them into the trolley (there are 3 in a pack).  I struggled getting them into the car.  I also bought myself a fitness ball. 

Tonight is the night I am blowing up the ball and getting my dumb bells out.  I used to got to the gym so I know what to do.  For the last few Fridays I have been cylcing into work (16 mile round trip) and then running at lunchtime.  Not ideal doing it all in one day, but with various other committments it is the best I can do.  On Saturdays I am really tired, I am hoping I get used to it more as the weeks go on.  I call it fitness Friday.  I am hoping the weather picks up so I can wear some of my Summer wardrobe which is lying redundant in my closet!

Any way must dash got a ball to blow up!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Britains not got no talent!

Once again Britain has got talent has been proved wrong!  I can not believe the low grade standard of the programme.  I did not watch one single episode, my Husband told me he caught a bit of it with a girl on it singing Lady Ga Ga in the semi-finals and she could not sing!  Why do people watch this and give it the ratings?  May be I am totally missing the point of it, as I see no point in watching it. 

The only small snippets I have seen is a few barmy women dancing with their dogs on stage.  Why is that entertaining?  I hope that was the last one.  I am not sure if my opinion is in the minority,I would prefer to watch paint dry to be honest with you.  I did not see the who the winner was, some bloke from some where or other.  I hope he goes onto be more of a success than last year's winner who was some acrobatic dance group that I have never seen on anything either (No I did not watch that one either, I saw them on This Morning).  Okay so admitidely Susan Boyle and Paul Potts were launched from obscurity into mega stardom.  It did give them a platform that they never would have had if it was not for the show.  Pleas no more dull talentless talent shows!