Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer Time?????????

Ummm excuse me is n't this supposed to be Summer?  Well, we had about a week, which was about the time they announced the hose pipe ban.  As the self proficised draught was announced it has continually rained!  My lovely Summer wardrobe lies redundant at the bottom of my wardrobe.  I had boots on at the beginning of the week. 

Poor old Prince Phillip fell fowl of the dastardly weather.  Most of the floatilla looked like drowned rats.  Aparently the Royal Family could not even sit down on the chairs provided as they were soaking wet, bloody typical in this country.  Let's face it Wimbeldon starts next week so it probably won't get any better. 

I implore the weather Gods, please give us a great July and August, please please!  Everyone is getting fed up with this awful weather.  We need sunshine!  I want to wear my Summer dresses and flip flops.  When we had the good weather for that tiny snippet of Summer, I did maximise on the exposure of my Summer wardrobe and did at least two changes per day.  There is only rubbish on the TV as in the Summer we are supposed to be in our gardens or at parks enjoying the weather.  I am contemplating upgrading my TV package to add movies.  Depressingly enough next week is the longest sunlight day of the year on 21st June.  At this rate I might have to emmigrate somewhere.