Monday, 28 February 2011

I am sure Spring was here last week!

Last week the weather was lovely for a few days.  About 12 degrees and no rain, yippee Spring has finally arrived.  I even took the kids to the park, I thought I can start wearing my newly acquired biege cropped trousers with my black brogues.  Today I wore my new outfit to work with no socks to be uber trendy.  I was freezing, the temperature has dropped to about 3 degrees and my feet are still not warm and I now haved socks and slippers on.  I was lulled into a false sense of security.  The only way I am going to get warm now is to have a bath.  I can tell it is cold as all I have wanted to do today is eat!

I have been waiting for Spring to burst and naively thought as we had such a cold Winter it might come early.  This week it is bloody freezing.  I have been preparing my Spring/Summer wardrobe for sometime now.  I buy hardly any clothes in the Winter and then I indulge myself with lots of dresses in the Summer.  Well, I suppose I had better put it all on hold whilst I am waiting for Spring.  I will get my woolly tights and boots back out for tomorrow!  I know you are thinking it is still February, but it is March this week!  Roll on Summer!

Friday, 18 February 2011

10 Things tips to make you slimmer

It made me feel really sad to see the news in the week that the UK is the fattest country in Europe.  I think the problem with diets is they are too radical.  You can sustain them for a short while and starve yourself.  In the long-term it only takes minor changes to make a huge difference, but be patient, you will see the results in 6-8 weeks, not over night!

Here I have noted a few tips that over 6-8 weeks make a difference:-

1) Cut out junk food in the week, no biscuits, crisps or high fat foods.
2) For one day, have a day off and eat whatever you like (remember the 80%, 20% rule).
3) Eat normally in the week, 3 meals a day, but no snacking unless it is fruit or veg.
4) If you do want a snack, eat something like Ryvita with a low fat cream cheese.
5) If you eat cereal in the morning cut out ones with high sugar contents, study the packet side, most of them are full of sugar.
6) Instead of eating a lot of bread opt for low fat wraps at lunchtime.
7) At tea time eat meat and two veg, including carbs, ie potatoe or pasta.
8) Where possible walk or cycle, ditch the car.
9) Get your running shoes on, if you feel so inclined, or do some speed walking for 30 minutes, a couple of times per week. (There are lots of websites out there to help you get started).
10) When you buy your normal food always opt for the lighter or low fat option.

A friend of mine started cycling to work when the weather is good and she has lost 2 stone without dieting.  I know it is not always possible depending on where you work and if you have little ones to drop off and then have to get to work.  I think that is where the majority of us go wrong, by trying to change too much too quickly.  You have to think of it as a way of life for the future and not a short term fix.

Now I am not a dietician or a Doctor, so please do not sue me for my tips.  They are simple tips that I have found work.  It would be a sad life if you can not indulge yourself at least once a week.  I personally do not drink alcohol unless I am going out with the girls or friends which is not very often.  Booze is packed full of calories, if you drink moderate it to one night on the weekend.  You can break habits but you have to go cold turkey.  It took me 10 days to break my sugar addiction and I had to be strong to not reach for the biscuit barrel.  I do think because the UK is colder than other countries it does not help our plight.  I am sure when it is cold we have a natural instinct to eat more.  Lets face it no-one fancies a salad on a cold day.  I stopped eating chocolate or biscuits in the week and I feel so much better for it and my stomach is flatter.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Where for art thou olives!

I have developed a penchant for green olives.  They are definitely an acquired taste, but once you have the taste you can not stop eating them.  I happen to be passing through Waitrose which is about a 20 minute drive from my house and to my delight saw they have an olive bar.  Lots of different types of olives, black ones, green ones, big green ones, ones in garlic and coriander, ones stuffed with different cheeses.  It is olive heaven.

I lusted after going back to the olive bar for two weeks.  I have carefully prepared my Saturday night feast with tapas.  Coupled with three of mine and my Husbands favourite shows on plus for a fabulous Saturday night in.  On Saturday we went to my Mother in laws as my Husband's car was there because we are having building work done at the moment.  We dropped the Children off and went on to get my olives.  After we took his car for a drive to give the battery a charge we went home in my car.

Later on that evening the kids were in bed, and my Husband made a strange oh no noise and said, "You know what we have n't done,", I exclaimed, "What?", he looked at me and said, "The olives are in the back of the car!", yes my beloved lusted after olives were a 20 minute drive away.  In fact they are still there spoiling! 

I might attempt to get some more for this weekend!  I wonder if I will be able to get to eat them this time!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Karma - Straight back at you!

I had a really good start to my day on Friday.  In my last blog I told you about that idiot in bald bloke in a BMW who was reversing down the road at ruch hour in front of a junction, just to say hello to his friend!  Well, on Friday I was driving to drop off my Daughter at school and I turned around the corner to see the guy who was driving like an idiot at the side of the road with his hands in dispair on the top of his head!

Oh yes, he had smacked his beloved BMW into another car.  The person driving the other car is another Mum at the school.  The front of his car was crumpled up like a crisp packet, where as the other car had not a mark on it.  I think it was a SAAB with a really high bumper.  I could not believe it, it has restored my faith in the universe.

When I saw the Mum whose car had a few small scratches on it, she was understandably a bit shaken, and she said she slowed down to let someone out he was driving practically on her bumper and hit her.  She said he was swearing his head off, she went to his house to get his details as he lives with Mummy and Daddy still.  It is evident to me that he has obviously been driving like a complete idiot for some time.  I am sure his car is either a right off or will cost him an astriconomical amount of money to fix.  Not to mention how much his car insurance will go up.  I wonder whether he will even be able to afford the repair bill and may have to buy a lesser car!  I hope this has taught him a lesson and that in the future he will take a more sensible approach to driving.

One thing that annoys me about driving is how rude people are, they take on a completely different persona and forget any common decency.  It is almost like their car is their armour in a battle.  I always drive with courtesy.  I would never be led by my ego, shoving other drivers out of my way to get 2 minutes ahead.  On my way home from work there is a long dual carriage way with traffic lights at the bottom.  There has been countless times I have been driven into the slow lane as some idiot has sped up behind me and been aggressively flashing me, even though I am driving the speed limit of 70 mph.  I then arrive at the traffic lights and there they are in the next lane to me, was it worth it.  If I am in a cheeky mood I either wave at them or blow them an air kiss!  Some drivers seem to forget that there is another human being behind the wheel.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

BMW Drivers - Bald Men Watchout

I must say that more often than not when there is someone driving badly, it is almost always in my experience some little bald man in a BMW, who thinks he is God's gift behind the wheel! 

The other day I was getting off my drive which is on a busy main road.  When I saw this BMW driver reversing down the road to say hello to someone!  This guy was reversing down a busy road right before a junction.  I could not believe his stupidity, just because he wanted to say hello to his mate!

I am not sure what goes on in these people's heads when they purchase these cars.  I think there must be some small print that they sign to say they must act like they are king of the road, drive like an idiot and get anyone else out of their way who is not driving a BMW!

Every time when I am on the motorway if I am in the fast lane, I look in my rear view mirror and there is nothing there.  Then low and behold 2 seconds later there is a BMW 2 cm off my bumper, flashing me to get out the way, because of course I am driving a humble bog standard car.

I personally don't get all this car snobbery and I don't buy into it.  Cars are a waste of money, you buy them at an exorbitant price and then a year later they are worth less than a third of the value.  Not the most astute return on investment.  I could not care less what car I drive.  To me cars are a luxury and it is fine to have a nice one as long as you don't over stretch yourself.  I choose to spend my money in other ways, as when I step out of my car I make sure I look fabulous.  Please do not be so shallow to judge me by the car I drive.  Where as these bald men still look like bald men when they step out of their cars!  Ewe harsh but true!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Breast Cancer is on the rise!

I was outraged today at so called Doctors saying Breast Cancer is now 1 in 8 ladies, and the reason they have come up with is lifestyle.  What a load of rubbish, there is no substance to this what so ever it is an assumption.  Lets face it, they still have no idea what causes it, therefore to blame it on lifestyle is ludicrous.

I have always had a fairly healthy diet, never been over a size 12, never smoked, drank in my twenties but gave up in my thirties and have always exercised.  What would they have proposed that I do differently?  I ran the London Marathon in 2006, may be I should have done another one and then it would not have happened?  There is no history of it in my family.  I am a complete random.

What dissapoints me is the medical industries way of dealing with it is to cut it out and throw aload of drugs at it.  Through my experience and with the help of my reflexologist my belief is that Cancer is related emotional links of cells in the body.  I feel that it happened to me for a reason and it was about rediscovering myself.  It is a hard one to go through but I am now mentally stronger and have a completely different perspective on certain aspects of life.  For instance I would have never got into writing or become a blogger.  Everything in life is about your own perspective on things.