Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring has sprung...bong!

Well, the weather in the UK this week has been nothing short of fabulous!  Getting through the dark months of January and February most of the time feels like an endurance test.  At the end of January the Winter seems never ending and you are longing for warmer weather.  I dusted down my Summer clothes and shoes and have worn them and it is not even April, amazing.  The only slight sticking point is that in the morning the temperature has been dropping down to around 3 degrees.  Therefore, I was posed with a dilemma do I dress for the morning or the 20 plus degree afternoons.  Yep, you guessed it I dressed for the 20 and in the mornings my legs without tights were freezing on the playground.  I braved it though and by lunchtime I was warm.

Alas, tomorrow is said to be the last day of warmth.  Who knows when it will be warm again, but at least, I have already worn a few Summer dresses and shoes.  The weather pattern seems to have changed in the UK, we normally get good weather in April and May, June, July and August it is rubbish again.  If we are lucky September and October are okay.  I have seen a few headlines in the papers already claiming that we are going to have a heat wave this Summer.  I have heard that for the past 5 years and I am still waiting.  I will believe it when I see it.  In the meantime, on warm days I will wear as many of my beloved Summer clothes. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dukan do it!

A few friends of mine have done the Dukan diet.  My Husband said that he wanted to lose weight, yes, you guessed it, I put him on it and said I would do it with him.  The diet is to say the least very limiting but boy does it work fast.  Within a few days you can visibly see the difference, however, it does feel like you are going through torture.  Basically, all you can eat in the attack phase is lean meat or fish, eggs, fromage frais and cottage cheese (that is about it).  For the first few days I was starving hungry, but I perservered, after all, no pain no gain!

I never weighed myself in the beginning and I am now in week 3, but I can see a huge difference.  My Husband has lost about a stone and is much happier for it.  The strange thing it does is makes ordinary food you used to eat a treat, for example, a jacket potatoe.  It kind of retrains your brain as to what you eat and you realise being hungry is doable and won't harm you.  I am now following a low carb diet as we do eat too many carbs and don't get to burn them off.  In the beginning it was hard but it gets easier, at first you have to crack your sugar addiction.  I was slipping into eating a little bit of chocolate everday, but I have beaten it and I now don't even want any. 

So the message in my tale is Du know Dukan do it!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Mother's day - Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Make this Mother’s Day Matter and help in the fight against Breast Cancer

This March, Breakthrough Breast Cancer is urging to people to get behind their new campaign to  raise funds and Make Mother’s Day Matter.

It couldn’t be easier to spoil your Mum whilst also lending your support to this pioneering charity.  Just visit and for a suggested donation download one of ten unique and stylish vouchers designed to make your Mum feel extra special. 

Each voucher, which can be personalised and printed, represents a promise from you to your Mum, and these range from making her breakfast in bed, to doing 3 hours of gardening, to cleaning her car, to giving her some peace and quiet.  As well as promising to treat your Mum to something special this Mothering Sunday, by making the suggested donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer of the equivalent value of the voucher you will be  helping keep families affected by this terrible disease together for longer.

Breast cancer is a disease which devastates nearly 48,000 women and their families every year. By making a donation to the campaign  you will be helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s life saving research work and moving them closer to  their vision of a future free from the fear of breast cancer.

As a thank you for your support, when taking part and downloading a Mother’s Day voucher, you will automatically be entered into a competition for a chance to win an amazing spa treatment for 2 people at The Chancery Court Hotel, so you can treat your Mum twice over.

Helen Aithie, Product Development Fundraiser from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:
“We really hope that this Mother’s Day people get behind our campaign and help to make it matter.  By downloading a voucher and donating a small amount, not only are you giving your Mum an extra special treat, but you are also helping Breakthrough to save lives, so that more Mums can be around for many more Mother’s Days to come. I urge everyone to visit our site and get downloading, so we can Make this Mother’s Day really Matter.”

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Me on you tube! Breast Cancer Awareness - Breakthrough

Hello Everyone,

Here is my video on you tube for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It is very strange seeing yourself on video, at first I could not watch it!  I hope you enjoy!

Have a great week!