Thursday, 26 January 2012

The big issue

I cannot believe that an immigrant big issue seller (magazine for the homeless) has successfully claimed that it was a job and can now claim £25,000 per year.  No wonder our economy is shrinking with Courts making stupid decisions like this.

The news said today that most family households are at bursting point with the economy the way it is.  Why does someone who has never lived in this country or never paid a penny towards it able to claim benefits.  I get nothing from the government and have always worked.  I sometimes wonder why, it seems you are better of living off the state.  Of course I don't want to see someone homeless, but is n't this going to open the flood gates to more immigrants coming in, selling the Big Issue and then claiming benefits.  Who are the people paying for this, people like me, who are struggling to make ends meet.  I don't get the logic, how does some European Court make such a ludicrous ruling?  How is this justice to the remainder of the tax payer's in the country. 

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