Thursday, 26 January 2012

The big issue

I cannot believe that an immigrant big issue seller (magazine for the homeless) has successfully claimed that it was a job and can now claim £25,000 per year.  No wonder our economy is shrinking with Courts making stupid decisions like this.

The news said today that most family households are at bursting point with the economy the way it is.  Why does someone who has never lived in this country or never paid a penny towards it able to claim benefits.  I get nothing from the government and have always worked.  I sometimes wonder why, it seems you are better of living off the state.  Of course I don't want to see someone homeless, but is n't this going to open the flood gates to more immigrants coming in, selling the Big Issue and then claiming benefits.  Who are the people paying for this, people like me, who are struggling to make ends meet.  I don't get the logic, how does some European Court make such a ludicrous ruling?  How is this justice to the remainder of the tax payer's in the country. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Premiership footballers...........yuk!

Six Footballers were arrested today for a sexual assult on a Woman.  I am sick and tired of all these sleezy stories.  Now maybe I am tarring them all with the same brush, but they don't seem to have any morales.  Look at Ryan Giggs, how could he cheat with his Brother's Wife?  Ryan's Wife takes him back!  Okay they have kids together, so they are trying to make it work, but let's face it there are a long line of WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) that let their other halves get away with it.  Some of them have even been stupid enough to sleep with prostitutes.  One of them has sold their soul.  The WAG is possibly more interested in the money and the status or the Footballer thinks he is God and can do what he wants.  These Women are pathetic, they let their partners publically humilliate them time and time again. 

Surely, they cannot be happy with their lives.  They evidently have something lacking in their relationship or themselves to go looking for it elsewhere, they know the risk they run if they get caught, but obviously don't care.  The girls they sleep with are usually fame wannabe's, and will sell their stories and a few pictures of themselves in their underware.  It goes to show that all the glitz and glamour can bring you misery.   I don't understand why they get paid so much for what they do.  It seems to breed an abhorant culture, where they have little respect for Women and think they can do what they like.  I hope when they get up to those pearly white gates they are judged harshly for their misdemeanours and in the next come back as a snake! (As you can tell I am not a football fan!)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Modern new builds!

I went for my Wednesday morning run today and I ran past some newly erected flats at the end of my road.  They are a ghastly isore.  Why do Councils let these property developers put in these horrible small estates.  The roads are really narrow and everything is squashed together so they can make maximum profit. 

If you look back to 1930's they used to build such beautiful buildings with archetetual merit.  I looked online and saw where I live there used to be a gorgeous train station and you can tell it was built with pride not how to make a quick buck!  On the Lawn which is a conservation area with lakes and lots of greenery, there used to be a wealthy family who lived there called the Goddards.  They had a magnificent house on extensive grounds.  That house is nowhere to be seen now.  During the war it was used as a refuge for soldiers and it fell into disrepair that it had to be knocked down.  Obviously too difficult to conserve it. 

When you see area's with lovely old buildings in and then a 1970's monstrosity slapped in the middle of it, you do wonder what earth they were thinking.  We used to build wonderful buildings now all we do is stick up cheap red brick houses.  Property developers and Councils should take more pride and look at the long-term view and not short-term gain.  We know all the new build houses look okay when they are shiny and new, give them a few years and they will look haggered and old.  If more care were taken on building new estates it would regenerate areas.  I think it is tragic!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January - diets - how predictable!

You can tell it is January, everyone is going on about diets.  Tonight there is an aptly named programme on called Fat Fighters.  Every advert on the TV is about a diet.  In the news today it was talking about we are all deluded and think we are not as fat as we think.  Maybe we are deluded, what is wrong with being a little bit deluded. 

At work today we were all trying to fight the attack of the nibbles!  Over Christmas we all indulge and buy that naughty food and eat it.  Afterall, that is one of the wonderful things about Christmas, lots of yummy food.  It is wonderful indulging, having a simple cheese and pickle sandwich with a few crisps on the side, bliss.  All the chocolates, crisps and biscuits left over, calling you to eat them.  Every year we try not to buy too much but somehow always fail.  Fighting to stop eating all the nibbles is hard, you know they are bad for you and that they are in your cupboard.  As you have been having a higher intake of calories your body is craving that sugar fix.  Breaking that addiction will be tough.  It does not help that the weather, force whatever gails and rain, was bloody awful today, not the most condusive to eating a salad.

Well I wish everyone good luck with eating healthy foods, however, I don't think we should put too much pressure on ourselves just because it is January.  Finish off your nibbles and then start cutting back slowly.  I think everyone tries to do too much too soon!