Friday, 11 May 2012

Hose Pipe ban!

Everytime the words hose pipe ban are said, it rains continously for weeks and weeks.  It has been contiously raining on and off now for about 6 weeks, right after they said those words.  It is an absolute joke.  Why do the Water companies not concerntrate on fixing the mahoussive leaks in the old pipes and stop giving their fat cats big bonuses.  Simply that will sort the problem out.  They are saying if we do not get sufficient rainfall this year we will be having stand pipes in the street next year.  What grates on me is that the water companies will still want to be paid every month for their poor service. 

This consistent rain is making everyone so tired and a little bit miserable.  I am fed up with it.  Someone pointed out the other day that it is only about a month until it is 21st June and then the daylight starts to get shorter!  We need a decent Summer, just a few months of sunshine.  I have been acting strangely and can not stop buying Summer dressess.  I know ludicrous, will I ever get to wear any of them.  Some people have said I have jinxed it.  I only bought 6!!!!!! 

Then there is some folk who said they feel it in their bones that we are going to have a good Summer.  As traditionally, April and May are good and then it rains in July and August.  I hope they are right.  I look at the lanterns you can have in your garden on a hot Summer's evening and think, absolutely no point in buying them.  Garden furniture is a complete waste of time.  If it continues like this there will be some good sales on!  But what is the point buying it, as it will only rot in the garden.

All together bring on the Summer, will it to us!

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