Friday, 31 December 2010

The Sales scrum!

I foolishly thought I would venture into the Town centre yesterday, only to be greeted by a frenzy of activity.  What is wrong with everyone behaving appalingly to get a bargain.  It was like being in the middle of a rugby scrum.  There was a distinct lack of manners, with people elbowing each other and about to pounce on garments that were put down.  Even on the way down there was people road raging each other as everyone seems to be out on the roads, who knows where they are all going.  The season of goodwill is evidently over, did n't last long! 

I love a bargain, and there is nothing quite like relishing over the fact you have got what you wanted for half price.  As I am getting older I can not be bothered with the mayhem of it all.  I could feel the heightened stress sweeping the high street as I walked down it.  People getting impatient and angry in long queues for the tills.  I think everyone should take a chill pill and calm down for the sake of a few quid off a top.

Why anyone would camp outside Next for the night to get a bargain and endure the tribe like mentality of fighting their way through the crowd I have no idea.  I went once, not at 5 am I might add and walked straight out.  There were people pushing and shoving people out the way, and Women buying entire racks of clothes.  Their behaviour was unbelievable.  I would rather go without or pop down the local outlet centre where there are bargains all year around.  Maybe it is the looming 20% VAT increase that is on everyone's minds, sucked in by the shops advertising there is no VAT increase yet, enforcing the must by lots now.  For anyone who has not ventured down to the retail hell, be warned and prepared.   

This is fairly basic but one thing I do not understand is why January sales are not in January?  Can we all not stand the shops being shut for a few days to enjoy a few days with our familys.  I personally think shops should be shut on a Sunday, not for religous reasons, just to stop and make us do other things.  As the Queen said in her speech possibly get out and do some sport!

Anyway enough of my retail woes, Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all a fabulous 2011!

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  1. I know its like the world is coming to an end. We just couldn't hack it and I wish we'd waited a bit longer before we faced the hordes. I wouldn't mind but no doubt come Feb they are all going to be screaming to get our money and the prices will be slashed again.