Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It is snow joke!

It makes me laugh this country's attitude to snow.  The first reaction appears to be panic!  I am really not quite sure why it is so news worthy and that they make these sweeping statements like it is going to go on for weeks.  The last forecast I saw it said it would be getting milder on Saturday? 

The media tends to scaremonger and base most of it's headlines on what is going on in Scotland.  Why is all this snow lark shocking, last time I looked it is called Winter, it happens periodically generally around this time of year. 

I have been told in places like Germany they just get on with it, they have special winter tyres for their cars and are well prepared, in Germany it snows for months, we tend to get it for a week and chaos ensues.

Any way last week I bought two more pairs of shorts, very sensible for this time of year.......Actually, they were Winter ones and can be worn with woolly tights (can't keep a good Woman down!)  I am bored with wearing grey and black jumpers.....bring on the Summer!


  1. ah yes, grumbling about snow. we're good at that aren't we.... and in the summer we complain it's too hot and worry about heatstroke! oh the joys of being British.

  2. I know we are comical are n't we, do you know what I have never found Australia appealing until a few minutes ago, I am sat in my house with the heating on full pelt and I am cold!
    Thanks for the comment.