Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vive La France - Haitian orphans!

I have just watched a heart warming piece of news and it is the best I have seen this year.  France have gone and chartered an areoplane to collect some of the Haitian orphans.  Everyone looks delighted and one man said, "It is the best Christmas present ever,".  I love the French for their plucky characteristics, instead of being hesitant and going through lots of red tape they just do it.  We should take a leaf out of their book.

What they have done makes perfect sense.  The poor orphans need a home and they have citizens willing to adopt them and bring them up as their own.  If I could live anywhere in the world I would pick France.  I lived there for a year whilst doing my degree.  I totally understand why they are patriotic.  The Country is beautiful with mountains to the East for ski-ing and beaches in the South for Summer holidays, why would you want to leave.  Not to mention their delicious food.  A French Woman can make the most simpliest dish of carrots taste superbe.

They take pride in their heritage and are not afriad to say no if something threatens that.  The architecture of their Cities and Towns has been fiercely guarded and it shows.  Where as in the UK we have let our Councils get away with murder.  If I look at my home Town we have got beautiful old buildings next to ugly seventies monstrosities and we appear to need a lot of flats, as on any given green belt we are building more!  Good for France.

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