Monday, 6 December 2010

Never judge a book by it's cover!

I was really pleased that Stacey Solomon won I am a celebrity get me out of here.  It gave me a personal reminder to never judge a book by it's cover.  When Stacey appeared on the X Factor because of her intination and strong Essex accent we would all be forgiven in thinking she does not come across as a smart and intelligent lady.  I do n't think they teach geography in Essex as I have heard a few celebrities from Essex claiming they do not know where anything is in the world (not Stacey though)!  What she proved on the show that she is exactly that, a smart intelligent, genuinely postive natured person. 

Whilst all the other celebrities were whining and compalining she quite simply got on with it and stood her ground in arguments she even out smarted the  X public school boy Dom Jolly in a heated debate about why people read Hello magazine.  When she pointed out to him whatever you read whether it be a book or a magazine it is about escapism, he was dumb founded when she made her point and could not answer her.  She was even the only person out of the entire group to question Gillian McKeith about her motives for being there if she was that unhappy.  She came across as sincere and most of all likeable.

The great British Public love an under dog, particularly when they shine.  Look at Susan Boyle, everyone laughed at her until we heard her amazing singing voice and now look at her she is one of the few British singers to crack America.

I promise not to talk about TV in my next blog, well it is Winter and there is not much else to do!

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