Friday, 10 December 2010

The students revolt

I am flabbergasted at the behaviour of those students ambushing Prince Charles and Camilla.  I totally agree with freedom of speech, protest and frankly believe that this country could do more with peaceful protests, but not attacking two pensioners.  Regardless of who they are in essence a group of students were attacking two old pensioners, that is wrong and Charles and Camilla must have been shaken by the whole experience.

I have always admired the French for patriotism and striking to hear their protest.  These students who are supposedly meant to be more intelligent than the average person are making themselves look like yobs. 

I can understand that there will always be the people in the middle that are worst off with these decisions.  Rich kids will still go to University and there will be assistance for students from poorer backgrounds, that means the ones in the middle will most likely miss out.

I went to University and had a fabulous time, however, I can not say that my French degree has really benefited me in my working career.  When I went I got a grant and did not have to pay any tuition fees.  If back then I had to pay I would not have gone, but I would probably be in the same job today as a Human Resources Manager as I would have worked my way up and studied my CIPD part time.

I do not think that Students should be Students for the sake of it, but evidently there are professional degrees out there for Doctors etc that will always been filled.  Maybe, this will get rid of a few unnecessary degrees that are useless in the world of work.  My degree did not lend itself to any vocational training other than being a French teacher, which is not something I wanted to do.  I went to University because it was the done thing and all my friends went.  However, I do feel sorry for the youth of today, teenagers are the ones being hit by the lack of jobs out there, and then the majority have no chance of affording to buy or rent a property, and have to stay at home with Mum and Dad.  Good for the Students for exercising freedom of speech but do it peacefully.  The general public's support will now falter due to the attack on the Royals, it has gone too far.


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  2. I agree so much about the students. I know they have cause for complaint with some police behaviour but they are losing the argument as people are not even listening to it properly due to all the bad behaviour.
    Thanks for sharing what you think
    I am no Royalist but it must have been scary for anyone to be caught up in the trouble. A real worry that children are attending these things too.

  3. Thanks for your comment, it all seems to be getting out of hand. I think they have made their point I can not see how future riots will make any difference to legislation now.