Saturday, 18 December 2010

Terrific snow!

I am sure no doubt most of you have noticed that the snow is back again.  I had the most wonderful day to day.  I woke up to see the beautiful scene outside my bedroom window of snow everywhere.  I truly believe snow makes for beautiful vistas. 

My Children squeeled with delight when the saw the new sledges we got them.  We then all went to a nearby hilly green area and went sledging.  It was fantastic and lots of fun.  Most of the School was down there doing the same thing, having fun.  The weather was perfect as it was not too cold or damp.  The kids were in their element tearing along the hills.  I took loads of photgraphs as I have a compulsion for snowy pictures. 

We all went for a hot coffee in a nearby bar, again saw a few familiar faces and then walked back home.  In the afternoon I watched some festive films with the Children and felt nice and cosy in my own home.  It is great to have a sense of not going out in the car and keeping it local.  I have taken the advice of not going out on any unnecessary journeys and embraced the calmness of being in my own home.  I think we all need to relax and enjoy it as most likely it will all be gone soon.

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