Friday, 3 December 2010

This week Australia seems quite appealing!

This week has been very strange.  I was supposed to be going on a business trip to Geneva.  I got up at an ungodly hour to go and consequently got a text from BA saying the flight was cancelled.  Aparently Geneva airport was closed due to that four letter word (dare I mention it snow).  I have since tried to rebook my flights for next week but alas to no avail.  I have been trying to get hold of them for two days.  I tried to rebook via the website and it keeps telling me there is an error, probably because the world and his wife is doing the same. 

I finally got put on hold (this was a result as if you do n't go on hold you get cut off, nice) to speak to someone other than an automated system.  I was then onhold for approximately an hour, it was near to lunchtime and I was starving so gave up.  I will try again over the weekend.

I picked up Mariah Carey from School on Wednesday and not my 6 year old Daughter.  She decided to have lots of diva tantrums, which was delightful.  Both of my Children's rooms were like a bomb site.  My Son to my surprise tidied up his room (okay so I did bribe him with a sweet), and my Daughter instead of doing it incessantly complained about having to do it (my usual tactic of bribary was not working).  I decided to be a firm parent and pushed on through and eventually after much debate, and crying she did it, hoorah!  I was pleased I did as I do not want to do it forever, they have to learn.  I know the easy option is to do it for them, but in the long run they will expect someone else to do it.

I bought a draft excluder today for my front door as until we get our extension we have lots of little drafts in the house.  I hate it when you touch plates and they are freezing cold.  Therefore, due to the cold weather, Australia seems appealing.  I have never considered living there before, and I am not sure if the culture would suit me, but the sunshine would.  I promise I would not complain it was too hot!

It has even been too cold for my newly acquired tweed shorts! 

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  1. This cold/snow spell is such a pain. I have friends up in Scotland that have been almost snowed in.

    We haven't got much here, but it is not going anywhere fast. It is freezing, I may be moving to Australia with you. ;)