Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How dare you call Kate a commoner!

I have never been an avid Royalist, but I am quietly content that Prince William will marry Kate Middleton.  I find it outrageous that some people have said she is a commoner and not of the Royal blood line, have they not learnt anything from Charles and Diana?  Charles was allegedly forced to marry Diana due to Royal blood lines and look what happened, he never stopped loving Camilla Parker Bowles who was deemed at the time not good enough to be a princess.
It pleases me to see that the Royal family has evolved into modern times and put all that bloodline rubbish behind them.  Lets face it, Kate is going to have to develop a thick skin to cope with the high profile media attention she will persistently receive.  In the official interview William and Kate looked like a young couple in love which was a stark contrast to the Charles and Diana interview back in the ninteen eighties.  William had a relaxed demeanour and was happy to let Kate speak. 

I wish them all the best and think Kate will make a beautiful princess.  William appears to have a lot of his Mothers charms and normality about him and I had a real sense that he will protect Kate as much as he can from the prevailing media storm which will perpetuate into her life.

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