Thursday, 18 November 2010

People who do not want Children

I read an article in a magazine about a lady who does not want Children in case it makes her fat?  Mainly because when she was 19 years old some lad on holiday said she looked Mumsy.  I have heard of people not wanting Children in my time, which is fine as it is their perogative, usually the reasons are because they want to focus on their careers or have lavish holidays, but getting fat?  Come on love get a grip.

Has she not heard of a simple thing called a diet, it works a treat.  She even insulted Julia Roberts in her bikini on a beach and said she had saggy boobs and stretch marks.  How she could see stretch marks in a photo is beyond me.   I thought she looked great in the photograph and has a most enviable figure for a 42 year old.  Again, it is fine to not want Children but to slate people and figures who have is really quite vulgar.  I was so insensed by this woman I had to write to the magazine to comment.

 I can tell I am getting old, this week I thought about buying an electric blanket.  I have even started to find Enrique Iglesas attractive, argggghhhhh.  I think I need help!

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