Friday, 19 November 2010

The great British public, what a wicked sense of humour you have!

The way the British public votes on reality television shows makes me laugh.  Poor old Gillian Mckeath getting voted to do all of the trials on I am a Celebrity get me out of here.  The issue is that we love to watch a celeb squirm and we are certainly getting our monies worth with Gillian.  After all, we all know she will be getting a huge fat checque for her unfortunate escapades in the jungle.  I am not sure where she thought she was going for the three weeks, Butlins or Centre Parks maybe, as she is overwhelmingly surprised at the basic living in the jungle, much to the glee of the viewers.  She gets flustered when she is near a meagre fly.  You have to question how desperate these so called celebs are for money to put themselves through this.
There is always one we pick on, Jan Leeming and then Jordan or is she Katie Price, Reed, who knows.  We can all see through their thinly vailed excuses to go into the jungle of excuses like, "I would like to experience it,", come on admit it you are doing it for the money and the expectation that you could reinvigorate your flagging media careers.  Some celebs are lucky enough for their careers to have a turn around and some not so fortunate who disappear back into insignificance.  Look at Mylene Klass her career went stellar after we all saw her bikini shower shots.

The poison challice is laid down, a huge fat checque that equates to some peoples earnings for an entire year or a few weeks of creepy crawlies biting your bits.   The Great British public is not stupid, the gauntlet has most certianly been laid down, therefore, we maximise on who will give us the most entertainment.  Everytime, Ant and Dec do the long drawn out suspense of "It might be you," to do the trial my Husband and I sit and laugh as we know it will be Gillian.  We are certainly making her earn her monies worth.

I am not sure who is voting for Wagner in the X Factor.  I personally do not think he is entertaining nor can sing.  It could be the anti disestablishment vote for Simon Cowell that is keeping him in the show.  Again, our entertainment comes from watching the judges heated debates and their surprise at the unpredictability of the British TV audience.  I look forward to another weekend of entertaining reality television.

Today at work I was dressed as Ginger Spice for Children in Need, my work colleages were the rest of the spice girls.  I pinned a Union Jack tea towel to a pair of shorts and a top and bought a tacky red wig with lots of heavy make up, what a treat for the rest of the workforce?

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