Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sack the tooth fairy...she is not very good!

Our tooth fairy is rubbish, she keeps forgetting much to the dismay of my Daughter to come and visit and leave some money under her pillow! 

The last time she forgot I had to explain to my disappointed daughter that it was down to cut backs, the credit crunch has hit fiary land quite hard, therefore the usual staffing levels are low, hence the fairy's are tired and have decided to have a strike about pay and conditions!  The strike evidently coincided with the day my Daughter's tooth fell out, I know it was a shame.  Small Children get really upset about this sort of thing. 

Thankfully, after a short negotiation with the Trade Unions of fairys they managed to negotiate a better pay deal and are now back on track! (yes she did look a bit bewildered at my complicated explaination).

I was absolutely outraged, and I hope it does not happen again in the future!
Written by a forgetful Mummy, whoops!


  1. Good to know that the Tooth Fairy issue is universal! My daughter communicates with the TF via email these days. :-) Read my story here:

  2. tooth fairy has problems here too. one time when a tooth fell out on holiday she overpaid due to lack of appropriate funds... this week when eldest's tooth fell out she told me several times where her tooth was.... I think the tooth fairy has been sussed, but clearly she can't retire...