Sunday, 14 November 2010

Can I hibernate please...just until February?

This week the weather has been awful, therefore I would like to hibernate until February.  I love the sunshine and my Summer clothes.  All I want to do is get home bolt the door, put on my comfy joggy bottoms, watch TV (particularly Strictly, love it, would like to be in it, however I have not figured out away to become famous Just to appear in it, suggestions greatfully received!), drink large cups of tea, and snuggle under my fleece blanket on the sofa.

I have decided it is not natural to wake up the dark and it should be banned.  I have to prise myself out of my comfy warm bed every morning, and it is a struggle.  When it is the school run it miraculously rains either in the morning or at 3 ish, and clears up for the remainder of the day.  I turn up to work looking and feeling like I have been exposed to the elements and forced through a hedge backwards!

Since, I have been in my mini anti Winter protest I have been making up excuses to stay in.  I can not face leaving the house once I am in it.  I look forward to having a warm bath....oh dear I must be getting old!  Staying in is the new going out, well at least until February!

Ps I have broken my sugar addiction, it has taken a pain staking week, but I am there now.  No chocolate or biscuits for me until the festive period and then it is pig out time!  I have decided it is okay to be a bit heavier in the Winter.

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