Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Christmas is coming...I am feeling fat!

I tried a pair of jeans on at the weekend, they have always been a snug fit, and I could not do them up.  I have decided to put them in a charity bag.  I did think should I diet to get back in them, but decided against it.  Unfortunately, it is easy to be fat these days rather than thin.  When you look on the side of a cereal packet and it has a third of your daily sugar allowance it demonstrates how easy it is to put on weight.  I truly believe the government should do more to restrict the amount of sugar and salt that goes into our food.

I have given up chocolate and biscuits on a daily basis and will exercise a bit more.  Apparently, eating one biscuit per day can make you put on at least half a stone in a year.  I find if I do not eat chocolate and biscuits I do not want them, but I have to go cold Turkey.  They say a craving takes four weeks to break.  I have to be strong and not reach for the biscuit tin!

I find it very sad these days to see teenagers with rolls of fat hanging over their jeans.  I remember when I was at school there were no over weight Children in my class.  It is definitely concerning as a parent, with the prevalence of eating disorders. 

I definitely think us women have an unrealistic target in our heads to look like an airbrushed Kate Moss.  It is easier for celebrities to be thin, afterall it is their job.  They usually have an entire entourage to cater for their every whim, hence it is easy to find time to exercise when you have a nanny and cleaner.  Plus, it helps to have the odd trip to the surgeon for a bit of liposuction, I would love to exercise more, but with the constraints of family life it is not that easy to squeeze it in.

I will give up my daily fix of chocolate and biscuits until Christmas.  In this country when it is cold all you want to do is eat a bit of something comforting and sweet.  Would n't it be nice if chocolate, biscuits, and cakes were good for you and you never put on a pound!


  1. hi popped in from blog hop.
    nice blog. how are you doing without biscuits?
    I couldn't do it at this time of year - it's too cold I need the comfort of a cup of tea and a biscuit (or cake) (or both).

  2. Hi Gemma,
    Thanks for the comment, it took me about 10 days to crack my sugar addiction and now I do not want chocolate or biscuits. I did eat a biscuit on the weekend and did not enjoy it! I must continue with my new regime. I do feel better in myself for it. However, I will pig out at Christmas, you have got to, have n't you!