Sunday, 7 November 2010

Boom boom pow...bonfire night.

I had a fantastic firework night.  I went to a friends house with the family, whose garden backs on to a large fireworks display.  I was more excited than the kids.  The display was spectacular and free! 

I had a debate with a mutual friend about who has got the worst kitchen.  We have lived in our house for a year and my kitchen is awful.  It is not small but not big either and there is no room for anything.  It has unattractive yellow wood cupboards contrasted with a dark green work surface, it is in desperate need of a make over.  My dishwasher does not fit under the cupboards and I call it my kitchen island.  One of my best friends having seen both kitchens agreed that mine is the worst. 

That leads me onto my next subject of we are getting an extension, starting in the next few weeks.  Everyone that has ever had any work done to their house has been very quick to let me know about what a nightmare the whole process is, deep joy!

After the firework display had finished we all decided to take our kids down to the fun fair.  I had a fanastic time on the dodgems, even when I decided to get out, as my car was not moving, the lady running the ride was shouting, "Can the lady who has got out the car, please get back in," and had to hit the emergency stop button.  Whoops, at the time I thought that it was a good idea to get out the car, move it and jump back in, then someone pointed out I could have got run over.  Lucky for me I was okay!

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