Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

No sign of any trick or treaters yet........  On Friday at work we had a Halloween extravaganza.  It was absolutely amazing, we had zombies, vampires, witches, mummies (Eygptian ones), and Ghost Busters.  Everyone got into the spirit of the  My Daughter prompted it, basically, as she remembered how many sweets she got when she went last year.  I emailed my boss and asked if we were doing it again, and she said if you organise it, so I did.  To be honest all I did was send out one email and then it took a life of all it's own.

In the afternoon we could take our Children in to do trick or treat.  I personally think the adults were having more fun.  It looked like something out of a horror film.  When I walked downstairs there was one Mummy (again Eygptian one) on a chair being wheeled around.  I could not tell who it was, other than they wear glasses.  The whole office was decorated and a lot of fun was had by all.  We did it last year but this year it was bigger and better.  I think it really boosted morale and got everyone out of their usual routine by having some fun at work.  Everyone, made such an effort.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that going to work does not have to be dull, afterall, you live entire chunks of your life with your work colleagues and spend more time with them than you do at home with your family.  It is a rich tapestary we weave going to work and I would like to think that I make a difference by just being there.  Yes, of course I work while I am there, but I make it my mission to spread the joy.  I smile at people and take an interest in them.  It helps shape a culture and an ambiance.  No one likes miserable spread the joy!

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