Thursday, 6 October 2011

October - it is Breast Cancer Awareness month

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month for Break Through.  There will be lots of events taking place this month to raise awareness.  At work I am arranging wear it pink day on October 28th.  I will never forget the irony that I organised it in 2008 and unkown to me a few weeks later I was diagnosed.  I see it as an important event to raise awareness for Women to check themselves regularly and if they do find a lump to get it checked out.  Don't ignore it!  It is mostly likely nothing, but you do not know until you get it checked. 

Breast Cancer survival is the highest it has ever been.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous but it is one of the best types of Cancer you can get and thanks to the work of the charity Breakthrough there has been and still is a lot research going into Breast Cancer.  I truly believe that one day it will be irradicated.  The major breakthoughs they are making with Cancer is staggering.

I watched a TV programme with Martin Freeman (Guy who was in the office) called Who do you think you are.  It traces people's family trees.  In his family tree, there was 6 Children who never made it past the age of 18 months, they all died.  Then they went on to have surviving Children.  Martin was intrigued by this and asked the geneoligist why?  She assumed it was because they had syphillis without knowing.  Syphillis takes 8 years to work it's way out of the body, so that is the reason their Children stopped dying and started surviving.  Nowadays, syphillis hardly exists and is treatable.  Maybe in 10 years time this might be the same for Cancer.  That is the reason it is important to raise funds for Breakthrough because we can continue to make advancements against this disease that has touched so many of our lives.

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