Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Half term holidays

As it is the half term holiday this week, I am on holiday with the kids.  I am enjoying not having to get up in the morning.  Here in the Uk it is cold (around 5 degrees) in the morning and dark.  I am still doing really well resisting not turning on the heating. 

I have decided this week I will make it really boring for the kids, the reason for this is so that next week they will be really pleased when they go back to school.  Yes, you see I think that is where parents go wrong they make the holidays too interesting, taking them to theme parks etc.  Then the next week they don't want to go back to school, and who can blame them.  Yesterday we went to the tip to take some rubbish, tomorrow we might be going to B&Q (DIY store).  My advice is make it really boring so they are itching to get back to school.  It is the intelligent thing to do. Plus it is really cheap doing nothing!  OMG I am laughing out loud at what I have just written.

This morning I discovered that my Son has chicken pox, so doing anything would have been off the menu anyway.  That boy is impressive he has got great timing.  He has timed it so I am off work and don't have to take time off, great.  After my pearls of wisdom I shall go.......remember folks make it boring!

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