Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cut backs, cut backs, cut backs! Less is more!

I am having to make cut backs to survive this stupid economy that the bankers got us into!  I hope lessons are learnt from this current predicament that is affecting everyone so badly.  Everyday, the news is really depressing, if it is not Greece going to the wall it is some other country.  The news is doom and gloom, so I stopped watching it.  I have decided to less house work to use less energy and to save money:-
Less hoovering - using less electricty
Less washing - using the washing machine less, showering instead of bathing, bathing the kids less.
Not putting the heating on so much and putting more clothes on.
Not buying branded items and going for a cheaper alternative.
Not buying unneccessary things, like mouth wash.
Not doing as much in general really.
Blah blah, when is our boom time going to come? I am waiting.........

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