Sunday, 16 October 2011

It pays to complain!

I have had an argument with a certain utility company for months.  Everyone, seems to be trying to get money out of you.  The utility company told me that I owed them £369 extra on top of the £199 I pay every month.  Now I have not got a big house, so how did that happen?  I rang them to complain, as it is their job to calculate my payments correctly.  I am not a consumption expert nor do I understand any of it.

Their first step of complaining is to log it on the computer.  That is it they log it on a computer database.  My response to that was, "What is the point in that?  Take it to the next level please, keep it going as I am taking it to offcom.".  I must have made about 3 phone calls before I think I got to speak to someone who could actually do something.  They asked me what I wanted to happend and I said, "I want it written off.".  I stood my ground.  I got to speak to someone called Lynne who was very nice and said she could reduce it to £125.  I said, "That is very good of you, but I will still persue the remainder of it to be written off.".  Lynne called back 5 minutes later and told me, "We have written it off for you,".  I have now been put on a different tariff and I am paying half of what I was?  I saw the money expert Martin Lewis on a programme and he said that energy companies will leave their loyal customers on more expensive tariff's unless you call them to change.  I think that is an absolute joke.  Take heed in my advice call them and you can get a cheaper deal.

This Winter I am going to be mainly cold as I will not be putting my heating on unless I have to.  I am now paranoid about leaving lights on and I am forever switiching them off.  What I find astounding is that this week the news said energy companies are making £125 per customer on profits.  That is a staggering amount of money they are making.  I would not like to cast aspertions but I bet there is some fat cat at the top of the organisation awarding him or herself mega bonuses.  Between them and the greedy bankers they are making people's lives unbearably poor.  I hope they enjoy themselves on their yachts in the Summer!  I don't understand why the government are not doing anything to tackle these companies.

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