Thursday, 3 November 2011

Anti-captalist protestors...I support you!

I totally support the anti-captalist supporters at St Pauls in London and throughout the world.  How can these fat cats in companies award themselves bonuses or pay increases whilst their staff working for them get nothing.  Where is the justice in that.  All these utility company are making profits and not passing it onto their customers.  The government needs to step in and put some measures in place to stop these greedy people paying themselves exorhbitant salaries that are totally inequitable with the rest of their workplace.

I read an article recently about a female banker complaining about about how hard done by she is.  It was along the lines of poor us we are so hard done by.  She had only had 5 holidays this year and her bonus had been cut in half, she only got £30,000 instead of £60,000 but had to work long hours just to get that!  Most of us did not have one holiday.  The word deluded comes to mind.  Bankers are part of the problem of the greedy system that got us into this mess in the first place, borrow, borrow, borrow.  They have to take their responsiblity.  I think that is part of the ongoing problem no-one is taking responsibilty for their actions and blaming everyone else.  We have to make sure this does not happen again.   The government need to start make tough decisions and make changes for our future.

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