Sunday, 6 March 2011

This week I was struck down with the flu!

It all started on Wednesday feeling tired and not my usual 100% full of beans.  I soldiered on during the day, until night time descended and my glands were sore!  Here we go 3 days full of feeling rubbish.  Then the aches came on and the having no energy to do anything.  Even getting up to get a drink was an effort.  Instead of feeling hungry I would feel nauseas and not feel like eating as my glands felt like they were trying to burst out of my body.  However, I did manage a meagre piece of toast to keep the feeling sick at bay. 

Day 2 consisted of me planting my butt on the sofa and watching day time TV.  Day 3 was again another day of sitting on the sofa and getting bored of watching daytime TV.  I did not even have the energy to plug my laptop in and blog.  Now I am on 5 and I have felt a lot more energetic today but as the evening has gone on my glands have become sore again.  I am sure I will be fine for work tomorrow.  I had forgotten how energy zapping the flu is.  The weird thing is out of my immediate family I am the only one who has had it.  How does that work when I live in close proximity to 3 other people?  I would love to know where I picked it up from.  My dear Cousin taut me a trick to get rid of colds and bugs, take raw garlic!  Yes I know it makes you stink but when you are desperate you will do anything to feel better.  I chop it up like little tablets and swallow it with water.  It is a phenomenel thing they say if you take half a clove of garlic every day when you have a cold it can half the time you have it. 

My training for the Mad March Hare has been rubbish this week with not one run which is frustrating.  For 2 days all I ate was a few peices of toast.  Yesterday, I cooked a roast dinner which was my goal of the day.  My Daughter loves my roasts and I had bought it all at the beginning of the week, plus I thought all the vitamins from the veg would do me some good and the Children. 

Onwards and upwards for next week! 

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