Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Coldsores are only as I can describe them as hideous!  From the moment you feel the tingle you know what is in store for you.  I know the name says sore and it really is.  They are sore, tingle and itch, even though you can not scratch them.  They are the most infuriating little things.  I always get them when I have had a bad cold or in this case the flu. 

I almost don't want to leave the house as you can not forget they are there as they are sore.  I feel like they are a beacon on my face and I look to see if anyone I am talking to is staring at them.  I have found my own remedies for getting rid of them quick smart.  I use nail polish remover on them and it does dry them up within the day.  I found this speedy remedy by searching on the internet and thought give it ago.  I found Zovirax makes no difference to them what so ever.  This time it appeared on my lip.  At first it looks like botox gone wrong as your lip swells abnormally on one side.  Mmmmm trout pout not a good look.  At about day 2 it looked like a giant bogey on my lips, really unattractive.  Your skin on your lips is so delicate that it cracks and bleeds, bloody lovely.  I never leave the house without lipgloss on but during my coldsore episode I have had to go out with a bit of vaseline on, hardly great for being uber glam.  They really make you feel rubbish.  You can not forget about them because you can feel them throbbing and generally being a nuisance.

At day 4 it is now a scab on my lip.  If anyone asks me what it is I will lie and say I got it caught in a zip!  Ewe err misses how naughty am I?

Ps I found the nail polish idea on the internet on a website so sue them not me!

Actually, another good remedy I found on the internet was a cure for a verruca.  I had a stubborn verruca for years.  I tried everything to get rid of it Bazuca, Bazuca freeze spray.  Nothing worked, stubborn little git.  I then googled and found clear nail varnish as a cure, and it worked.  I starved the little git of oxygen.  What an earth did we do before the internet, brilliant and saved me loads of money.

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