Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Colour tester paint pots!

I have been decorating my bedroom and became frustrated at those colour charts and paint tester pots never looking the same on the wall!  Therefore you end up buying loads of tester pots and driving backwards and forwards to B&Q to try and get the right one.  My bedroom theme is going to be French boutique.  Your probably wondering what that is and so am I?  I kept getting theses colours and putting them on the wall and they were all Lilac.  I did not want lilac and none of them looked lilac in the catalogue or on the front of the pot, but on the wall, oh yeah lilac, yuk!

Then I went backwards and forwards to B&Q about 4 times until I found my parfait colour!  Yes Parfait, I can not describe it, sort of a light grey with a hint of mauve (not Lilac).  I am really pleased I perservered with it as the colour was exactly what I was looking for, perfect.  I must admit it was quite a stressful experience at times and yes I nearly did give up and paint it magnolia. 

My Husband when we decorate makes me laugh he uses kitchen utensils for his DIY.  We have gone through several spoons as he is ruined them polyfiller.   His biggest mistake was using one of my Laura Ashley mugs to put gloss paint in!  Not the cheap Asda ones that cost 67p, no he used the ones that cost £6!  Luckily I managed to salvage it.  He also uses my tuperware, I have of course complained to him about this but he still does not take any notice.

His timing of decorating is great coinciding with all the building work going on at the moment.  Last week my wardrobe was emptied into a large pile and I could not find any of my clothes.  My bedroom was like living on a boat with no where to stand.  Fortunately, I only had to endure that for a week and could my put my clothes back, at least I can walk around my bedroom now.  However, it is still not finished only one side of the room is finished.  We had that horrible 1970's anaglypta paper in the room which is usually put on to hide bad walls.  Luckily enough though they were okay underneath.  I think this weekend we are going to do a joint effort to get it finished, fingers crossed!

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