Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sian O'Callaghan....missing.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Sian O'Callaghan went missing.  I am really shocked about this as it happened a five minute walk from my house.  One girl from my work was out with her that night and another is a good friend of hers.  Everyone is very worried as to what has happened to this young girl.  We know she left the club on her own and that half an hour later her mobile phone signal was picked up 12 miles away in Savernake Forest.  We can only assume she either got into what she thought was a taxi, or got into a car with someone she knew. 

I can not believe something like this has happened so close to my home.  I had a police officer around to ask me if we heard or saw anything suspicious.  I did hear a drunk shout in the early hours of the morning which is not unusual on a Saturday night.  I wish I would have got up and looked out the window.  Friends of mine were out at that time and they are all thinking what if I saw her and could have done something.

The aftermath of it is there are lots of what I can summize as hoax text messages going around saying there have been other incidents of women trying to be abducted into vans.  There is definitely an air of uneasiness in the town.  I am going out this Friday night and it makes you fretful to go out with your friends.  This goes to show that you should never walk home alone no matter how close your house is from the pub or the club.  We are all praying that they find her alive even though we know as time goes on it is less likely.

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  1. When these things happen so close to home it can make to take more notice. we can all make the mistake of thinking that these things happen to other people but it really could be anyone. Just found your blog via BMB and I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts and will deffinitely be following.