Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red Nose Day - knackering!

I am amazed that Red Nose Day raised a record amount of cash and all of it is not in yet.  At work I organised lots of events to raise money.  I watched the programme where the celebraties went to live with people in Africa and found it heart breaking.  Kids living on the streets with nothing. 

I stupidely suggested car washing, thinking that the guys in Training would do it.  My boss then said she would do it, and then I thought I have got to do it to.  We washed 6 cars in the rain.  Much to the dismay of my boss's newly straightened hair.  There were 5 of us washing the cars including our Managing Director.  It was totally knackering, I definitely earnt the cup cake I bought after all my efforts.  We raised £70, not bad. 

In the afternoon I set up sing star in the restaurant and made people pay 50 p to come and watch singers.  At first no-one was joining in and I thought "Oh no this is going to be a complete flop".  There was only a few customers.  However, I had been cajoling people into for weeks.  A new girl called Nikki sings in a band and promised to come up.  After about 20 minutes loads of people turned up and Nikki took to the microphone and another really good singer called Sarah.  I was relieved, it actually turned out quite well, however, it was a bit touch and go.  What is that saying you can take a horse to water but you can not make it drink!  Part of the reason we were doing it was to raise morale.  For 3 years we have not had a Christmas Party due to the economic down turn.  Most people took part in dressing up.  I was dressed as a red crayola (crayon), there was also, a blue one, lilac, pink and brown.  Genious idea (not mine) it was funny and cheap.  There were people dressed in their pyjamas, a croup of monkeys, beach wear and people wearing lots of red wigs (including the guys). 

I was running around like a mad banshee woman all day to make sure everything went smoothely.  I hope everyone had fun and on Monday I will tot up exactly how much we raised. 

Next weekend I am doing the mad March Hare for Breast Cancer Awareness dressed as a bunny girl.  My friend bought me the outfit as there will be several of us dressed up for the 10k race.  The outfit does n't leave much the imagination I would call it really more whore bunny!  I love doing stuff for Charity.  I find it really humbling.

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