Friday, 11 March 2011

My weird week

My week this week has been completely chaotic.  It started on Monday when this stupid woman nearly knocked over my Daughter walking on a pavement.  She swung her car onto the pavement without looking and I had to push my Daughter out of the way.  There were 3 other Children on the pavement including my Son.  I shouted out her, "Be careful, you nearly knocked my Daughter over,", then my friend behind me joined in.  The woman in a navy Clio said nothing.  I have seen her at the School I don't think she is British, possibly Spanish.  I glared at her a few times at the School and she looked suitably embarressed.  An apology would have gone down nicely.  I did mention it to one of the Dad's at the School who happens to be a police officer.  He told me to tell him if I ever see her doing anything else again.

Later on that day I had a conversation with my Daughter's Teacher about an incident that happened in the playground.  I was polite as always and her response was defensive and argumentative.  How delighful!  I will bring it up with her on the next parents evening that I found her to be totally unnecessarily defensive and felt like I had an argument with her.  If she gets shirty again I will patronise her with my HR head on and tell her she needs coaching on how to talk to parents.  This is her second year of Teaching.  In my house the builders knocked down a wall they did not need to!  Not a problem though as they are putting it back up.  The dust or is soot was messy.  Then the Sky TV did not work!  That was Monday.

Wednesday night my Daughter was sick 5 times in the night.  Thursday I did not go to work and had two Children at home with no TV!  Luckily, the Sky man came after lunch to fix it and said it was nothing to do with the building work going on, purely coincidental.  I thought someone up there is having a laugh at me!  Out with flu last week and then off with the kids this, goes down brilliantly with the boss.

I know have a coldsore which I usually get after I have had a bad cold or the flu.  It is like a hangover from being ill for me.  They live up to their name, sore!  Anyway, I have a method that I found on the internet which gets rid of them within days.  I put nail polish remover on them, it dries them up a treat and works for me.  What normally takes a week goes in a few days.  Much more effect and cheaper than Zovirax.

My saving grace this week is that our extension is coming on fast.  They have been doing it since 19th January and we are water tight already!  Now for the messy phase.  What was delightful on Friday was there were two young fit guys doing my roof, it took all of the hassle of the week away!

Ps Please don't hold me accoutable if you try the nail polish thing and it does n't work out for you, you are on your own to try it!

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