Sunday, 3 July 2011

Naughty Little Birdies!

My 4 year old Son said the word "Twat", to our Neighbours Grandsons, nice one!  Great for our relationship with their Grandparents thinking our Son is rude, probably that we swear all the time in front of him, and worst of all that we have said they are "Twat's", which of course we have never said, nor do we use that type of language infront of him.  They are very humble sweet natured people, I think they are Indian.  Any way, great Neighbours, just how you want them polite and will help you out if you need it, but most of all keep themselves to themselves.

When questioning my Son, "Where did you learn that word Twat from?", he paused for thought and then told me, "A birdie in the garden told me it,", I then explained to him that it was a rude word, not to say it again, and next time he speaks to the neighbours very well behaved boys to apologise.

On Saturday, we had a BBQ in the garden, and my Son was told that if he did not finish his food he could not have his pudding.  A few minutes later he came in the House with an empty plate and announced, "Finished,", great time for desert.  My Husband and I had a cup of tea and were enjoying the wonderful Summer Sun on our swing bench, near to the table where we had eaten our dinner.  The kids were playing in the garden, when my Husband noticed my Son's half eaten burger under the table, "What's that under the table, it is your burger,", my Son then nodded and said, "It was the birdie,".  We all then cracked up laughing.  That damn pesky birdie, teaching my boy bad language and then throwing his food on the floor.  I wonder what the birdie will get up to next time!


  1. Lol can't wait for the update!!

  2. kids are so funny x love your blog i am your new follower pls visit mine x

  3. I remember my daughter at that age flushing food down the toilet, the only reason I found out was because I found a few peas on the floor next to it! Sneaky little bugger she was!
    Great blog you have here!
    Rach x