Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Getting a snail drunk?

I have noticed since we have had the extension that there are a fewshiny trails in the kitchen.  Me thinks there is a snail or a slug in the vicinity.  At the weekend my Mother-in-law advised me to put down a saucer of beer to catch it.  At the time I did wonder if she was taking the Mickey out of me.

That night I put down a saucer of Guiness.  The next morning I came down and my Husband shouted "Have you caught anything?".  I had totally forgotten about it.  I went into the kitchen and there was a drunk snail on the edge of the saucer.  It was hillarious, it's tenticle thingys were slowly going in and out.  Obviously pissed as a fart.  I was really pleased with my endevaour to stop the snail trails, and put it out in the garden.  Thinking it will sleep it off and have one hell of a hangover.

When I got home the Children were playing in the garden and I found the snail.  He was dead!  Whoops.  I gave it alcohol poisioning and then it snuffed it.  At least it had a good time before it died.  I am going to look at it as I gave it one hell of a send off!  Great way to go!

Later on that night, my Husband informed me, he had got the snail out of the garden before I got up and put it on the saucer.  Technically he murdered the snail and not me! Aparently they don't live long anyway.  I might have to do it again to get the little blighter!

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