Thursday, 21 July 2011

Get the pidgeon!

I am having a strange time with nature at the moment, pidgeons in particular.  I was walking through the garden to put my washing out, and noted a pidgeon on the step.  At first I was confused as to why it was not flying away and though it was odd.  I then realised it could not fly.  Poor thing, it looked really scared.

My Husband then took charge and decided to catch it and put it in a tree!  He has apparently tried to save pidgeons before by putting them in a box with some bread, in case they get hungry, unfortunately they all died.  This time he put the pidgeon that could not fly in a tree.  Whilst he was getting his ladder out to put it in a tree, our next door neighbour was finding the whole situation extremely funny. 

The next day the bird was still in the tree (as it could not fly).  Being the generous animal lover that he is, he chucked a piece of bread at it.  It was so scared it jumped and fell out the tree!  Poor birdie.

The next day there was another pidgeon not flying in the street.  It looked badly hurt and could not fly.  My Children were fascinated by it as they walked on by to school.  When I returned it had gone.  My neighbours Daughter Georgina came and asked me if I had seen what had happened to the bird, as she had rang the RSPCA of course I did not know.  Later on, I went into our back garage, and to my surprise in a black box, there was a pidgeon with bread next to it!  I ran back to see Georgina and she informed me the RSPCA told her to take it to the nearest vets.  That is what I did.

We must have an evil cat or something stalking pidgeons in our area!  My Husband obviously fancy's himself as a pidgeon rescurer and like to feed them bread!

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