Thursday, 28 July 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

Lets face it no-one was surprised to hear the news Amy Winehouse had died.  It was evident from her appearence she was unwell.  For years we have seen her image degenerating.  It is sad that someone so talented and only 27 years old could only find some sort of solace in drugs.  It is a warning to us all of how destructive narcotic substances are and how they can wipe out a life.

There has been much debate about the 27 club, who includes Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Curt Kobain.  My theory is that the human body can only go on for so long being poisoned with drugs until it can take no more and ultimately one day gives up.  Looking back at the images of Winehouse you can see when the rot started to set in.  She was catapulted at a young age into a global mega star and evidently did not have the resilence to deal with it.

Paul Gambacini made a really good point that all fame and money does is emphasise all the problems that were already there.  Fame gives you the vehicle to supply your habit.

Amy had an amazing voice and was a talented musician who broke the mould.  Now when I listen to her voice it is almost haunting.  I hope all of those media types that hounded her feel guilty for exploiting a sick young woman.  For me personally, it has made me realise that drug addicts need more help and support to kick their habits.  I applaud Amy's Dad for starting a foundation to help drug addicts.   

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